Breaking the Spell

Announcing the New, Repackaged The Circle Undone Cycle


“Behind everything crouched the brooding, festering horror of the ancient town, and the mouldy, unhallowed garret, gable where he wrote…” – H.P. Lovecraft, “The Dreams in the Witch House”

Judgment. Temperance. Justice. The Tower. The soothsayer’s tarot weaves a tale of a grim future, hard to put out of your mind. But when you learn that four people have disappeared without a trace from a French Hill estate, you begin to wonder if the cruel fate told in the tarot reading is meant only for you, or for the entirety of Arkham…

Fantasy Flight Games is excited to announce The Circle Undone, the next pair of repackaged expansions for Arkham Horror: The Card Game!

Return to the fourth cycle of content for Arkham Horror LCG with The Circle Undone Investigator Expansion and The Circle Undone Campaign Expansion. Just like with the previous cycles, all player cards for this cycle can be found within the Investigator Expansion while all campaign- and scenario-related cards can be found in the Campaign Expansion. This is a wonderful opportunity for new fans of the game to experience its fourth full-length campaign, and for longtime fans to catch up on any parts they may have missed. Whether you want just one of the expansions or both, no fan of Arkham will want to miss out on The Circle Undone!

Note: Any longtime fans of Arkham Horror: The Card Game who already own everything from the original The Circle Undone cycle will not find any new cards or content within these two expansions.

Fighting Against Fate

There are many layers of mystery in Arkham, and to help you solve them, The Circle Undone Investigator Expansion comes with an eclectic group of six playable investigators to get the job done.

As always, each investigator has their own strengths and weaknesses that they contribute to any campaign, not just The Circle Undone’s campaign.

One of these investigators is Joe Diamond (The Circle Undone Investigator Expansion, 2), the private eye. Armed with his trusty pair of Colt 1911s (The Circle Undone IE, 9), this skilled Seeker uses his unique “hunch deck” made up entirely of Insight events to solve all sorts of problems. Events like Connect the Dots (The Circle Undone IE, 25) and Crack the Case (The Circle Undone IE, 110) reward you for discovering the last clue at your location, while others, such as Knowledge is Power (The Circle Undone IE, 231), let you use certain assets without spending an action. Joe’s hunch deck is a fantastic source of extra “oomph” when you may need it, but be careful when the Unsolved Case (The Circle Undone IE, 10) comes up. If you ignore it, it will cost you some experience at the end of the scenario!

Another investigator in this expansion is Diana Stanley (The Circle Undone IE, 4), the redeemed cultist. Atypical of most Mystic investigators, Diana starts the game with a low willpower skill of 1. However, after using cards like Deny Existence (The Circle Undone IE, 32), Eldritch Inspiration (The Circle Undone IE, 33), and her signature event Dark Insight (The Circle Undone IE, 14), she can boost her willpower by storing those cards under her investigator card, up to a maximum value of 6. Then, with her Twilight Blade (The Circle Undone IE, 13) in hand, she can use her boosted willpower to attack an enemy or reuse one of the cards tucked under her investigator card. However, all this power can come at a cost, and if Diana’s Terrible Secret (The Circle Undone IE, 15) appears at the wrong time, you could find yourself taking a huge amount of horror.

In addition to the six investigators, The Circle Undone Investigator Expansion adds some new tools to help you face down the machinations of the Mythos. The first of these are a new asset type: the tarot asset. These fit into your investigator’s “tarot slot,” and have potent effects when used during the scenario. For example, the Ace of Rods (The Circle Undone IE, 40) can give you an extra action and a sizable boost to your skills once per game. On top of that, if you happen to draw a tarot asset in your opening hand, you can put it into play for free!

The second big addition to the player card pool is the “multiclass” cards. These cards all belong to more than one class, and they can count as any of their respective classes for the purpose of deckbuilding. For example, both Joe Diamond and Diana Stanley can use the Scroll of Secrets (The Circle Undone IE, 116), even though Joe can’t normally include Mystic cards in his deck and Diana can’t include Seeker cards. With several different multiclass cards at your disposal, there are countless new deckbuilding opportunities to explore!

The Witching Hour

Even if you have little interest in the investigators or player cards of the Investigator Expansion, there is still plenty to enjoy with the chilling tale of The Circle Undone Campaign Expansion!

The story of this campaign has many twists and turns, including a growing conflict between the Order of the Silver Twilight and a local coven of witches. The tale begins with you and your fellow investigators looking into the disappearance of four people at a Silver Twilight-owned estate, an event that you (the players) can actually experience firsthand!

The Circle Undone introduces Arkham LCG’s first playable prologue, in which you take control of one of four “prologue investigators” for that scenario only. These four investigators are the subjects of that aforementioned disappearance, and during the prologue you’ll get a brief taste of what sort of horrors await you in the rest of the campaign, including the unkillable Spectral Watcher (The Circle Undone Campaign Expansion, 86), which will hound you again and again.

Of course, even with that bit of insight, the events of this campaign are hardly what you would call “predictable.” The Circle Undone tells a haunting tale of magic, mystery, the sins of a dark past, and an existential threat casting a shadow over the future. This campaign introduces the “Haunted” ability that appears on some locations, which punishes investigators for failing an investigation test. Haunted abilities can make you take damage or horror, lose clues, discard assets, or spawn enemies, which means being able to successfully investigate is even more crucial than normal. 

All nine scenarios from the original The Circle Undone campaign are included in this Campaign Expansion, with all the magic and mystery that comes with them. Ill fortune hangs over you and your fellow investigators, and a dark fate awaits all of Arkham. Will you accept your lot and weather the storm? Or will you defy fate and change the future that awaits you?

For the Greater Good

With conflict brewing between the Order of the Silver Twilight and the witches of Arkham and a spectral threat looming above everything, only you and your fellow investigators can get to the bottom of everything before the events set in motion consume the world. Whether you missed the original run of The Circle Undone or are just now getting into Arkham Horror: The Card Game, you can look forward to adding The Circle Undone Investigator Expansion and The Circle Undone Campaign Expansion to your collection when they release this June and July respectively!

You can pre-order your own copy of The Circle Undone Investigator Expansion (AHC74) and The Circle Undone Campaign Expansion (AHC75) at your local retailer or online through our webstore today!

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