Path of the Righteous

Announcing the Parallel Investigator of Zoey Samaras for Arkham Horror: The Card Game


Check out this preview of the next parallel investigator for Arkham Horror: The Card Game, presented by designer Nick Kory!

Nobody believed you when you said you were chosen. Nobody believed that you were an instrument of divine judgement. You exposed the monsters that dwell just beneath our feet or just beyond our vision, and still people doubted you. But you feel a guiding hand in everything you do, directing you down a path you cannot ignore.

We got back on the road with “Ashcan” Pete. We dared to tread into dark places with Jim Culver. And now we’re ready to follow the guiding light with Zoey Samaras, the newest parallel investigator for Arkham Horror: The Card Game!

Symbol of Righteousness

Zoey Samaras (Parallel Investigators, 59) helped to define and develop the strength of the Guardian class when she was originally released in The Dunwich Legacy, but now she’s back to serve up a heaping plate of divine justice! Now, Zoey’s divine providence manifests with adding bless tokens. With each blow she lands against her enemies, her resolve is strengthened and a bless token is added to the chaos bag. And after she’s got the chaos bag good and full of bless tokens, she can start channeling that power into useful results by removing bless tokens from the bag during an attack to deal additional damage!

And she’s not the only thing to be renewed by faith. Zoey’s Cross (Parallel Investigators, 60) is her steadfast symbol of righteousness. She can still use it to get free damage on enemies, but now the cross also puts bless tokens to use in other ways. While you have the cross in play, you can remove bless tokens from the chaos bag to engage an enemy at your location without spending an action. This puts those enemies in prime chopping position, and if you’re combining it with the original Zoey Samaras investigator card, it gets you a free resource as well!

But the forces of evil aren’t willing to sit back and let this new paragon of divine judgement walk all over them. Zoey’s signature weakness, Smite the Wicked (Parallel Investigators, 61) has become particularly more troublesome. In addition to spawning an enemy on the other side of the game map from you and dealing you mental trauma if you leave that enemy unaddressed, Smite the Wicked now also buffs that enemy! Be prepared to face down grislier ghouls, nastier nightgaunts, and yuckier Yithians as Smite the Wicked gives the enemy it attaches to +2 fight and +2 health! And remember, if you take the advanced Zoey’s Cross, you’re forced to keep advanced Smite the Wicked in your deck for the entire campaign!

Her Work is Not Yet Done

Zoey Samaras stands ready to protect the innocent and smite the wicked with her brand new parallel and advanced cards. And remember, you can mix and match her parallel front and backs with her original front and backs, giving you a ton of versatility in how you create a deck for her. If you want to try out the parallel version of Zoey Samaras, you can download the cards (14.1 MB) and the rules insert (5.9 MB) today.

Dive into a new campaign with the parallel version of Zoey Samaras and look for new parallel investigators in the coming months!

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