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Announcing the SP//dr Hero Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game


“We’ll protect this city, no matter what.” – SP//dr

After her father’s mysterious death, Peni Parker became the new pilot of the SP//dr suit. Alongside her arachnid co-pilot, with whom she is psychogenetically linked, SP//dr defends the citizens of New York City from attacks big and small, and sometimes even travels across the Multiverse to aid fellow Spider-heroes in saving existence itself.

Fantasy Flight Games is excited to announce the SP//dr Hero Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game!

This high-powered hero suits up for battle in this expansion pack, which introduces SP//dr as a new playable hero along with her seventeen signature cards. With a pre-built Protection deck ready to play from startup, you’ll be able to bulldoze the villains with SP//dr’s high-tech suit from the moment you open the box. With a plethora of upgrades giving her a unique resource engine, SP//dr is a one-of-a-kind web-warrior who can adapt to any scenario.

This hero pack also includes a bonus modular encounter set featuring the Iron Spider’s Sinister Six!

All Systems Go

Even among other heroes, SP//dr stands out as particularly unique. There are a few reasons for this (which we’ll go over in a moment), but the first and most obvious is the fact that this hero’s identity card is actually split between two separate cards!

While in alter-ego form, you are Peni Parker (SP//dr, 2A), and the SP//dr Suit (SP//dr, 1B) enters play as an Inactive support card. When you’re ready to take to the streets, you flip both Peni and the suit—Peni becomes SP//dr (SP//dr, 2B), an Interface upgrade that is automatically attached to the SP//dr Suit (SP//dr, 1A) in its Active form. Both of these cards together make up the hero SP//dr, and her split identity is not the only thing unique about her.

Something you may have already noticed about SP//dr is her particularly low hand size. Peni has a hand size of 4 while the SP//dr Suit has a hand size of only 3. This is because SP//dr primarily relies on her Sync Ratio ability to generate resources instead of the cards in her hand. Whenever you need resources, simply exhaust Interface upgrades you control, and you’re good to go. You’ll automatically have SP//dr herself as an Interface right off the bat, but there are four additional Interface upgrades in her deck. First and foremost is the Host Spider (SP//dr, 10), Peni’s psychogenetic co-pilot and her partner in crimefighting. Besides the spider, you also have a Psychic Link (SP//dr, 11), Speed-Metal Alloy (SP//dr, 12), and a Web-Fluid Compressor (SP//dr, 13) to work with. If you can get all of these Interface upgrades in play, then you will have 5 renewable resources at your disposal every turn. And if you don’t need the resources, you can always use the abilities on the upgrades themselves!

Of course, you will want to build up the SP//dr Suit as fast as possible to maximize SP//dr’s gameplay, and fortunately her deck comes with some tools to help with that. Ask Aunt May & Uncle Ben (SP//dr, 7) to get Peni her SP//dr cards quickly, then play All Systems Go (SP//dr, 4) when you need to find that last Interface upgrade. Alternatively, once you have all of your Interface upgrades in play, you can use All Systems Go to get another use out of all of them. This is great for cards like Rapid Deployment (SP//dr, 5) and Web-Trap (SP//dr, 6), which have bonus effects if you use Sync Ratio to help pay for them. Finally, if you find yourself in dire straits, you can always fall back on the SP//dr Suit’s Ejection Protocol (SP//dr, 8) to take a moment to rest and regroup.

Outside of her suit, SP//dr’s pre-built deck also comes with a full array of Protection cards to help her stand strong in the face of villainy. Have Daredevil (SP//dr, 14) dish some of the damage he takes back to attacking enemies while Spider-Man Noir (SP//dr, 15) turns the villain’s treacheries into power. Use your webslinging to stun enemies with a Thwip! Thwip! (SP//dr, 17) and protect yourself from a treachery with your Spider-Tingle (SP//dr, 20) (and then put that treachery under Spider-Man Noir to boost him up). Use Spider-Man (SP//dr, 22) to get an extra use out of an upgrade—such as an Interface upgrade—and protect yourself from damage with a Forcefield Generator (SP//dr, 19). Then, once the generator’s uses are nearly gone, Repurpose (SP//dr, 16) the upgrade to give yourself a hefty boost to THW, ATK, or DEF. With versatility and durability, it’s clear that SP//dr is a truly Unshakable (SP//dr, 24) hero!

Grand Larceny

Like with the other hero packs this wave, SP//dr comes with a bonus modular encounter set packaged in. This set features Iron Spider’s Sinister Six, a group of six superpowered criminals that will wreak havoc when they show up. Watch out for Sandman (SP//dr, 35) burning through the encounter deck, take cover from Bombshell (SP//dr, 31) and her explosive blasts, and brace yourself against Hobgoblin's (SP//dr, 33) assault. Of course, you will also need to face Iron Spider (SP//dr, 34) himself, and stop his team from committing Grand Larceny (SP//dr, 30).

As with all other modular encounter sets, the Iron Spider’s Sinister Six set can be added to any scenario for some extra challenge. Can you stop this villainous crime spree?

Suiting Up

With her unique gameplay style and her superpowered suit, SP//dr is a one-of-a-kind hero and the perfect web-warrior to cap off the Sinister Motives wave for Marvel Champions. Look forward to taking on the Sinister Six with SP//dr when the SP//dr Hero Pack arrives this summer!

You can pre-order your own copy of the SP//dr Hero Pack (MC31en) at your local retailer or online through our webstore today!

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