The Heroes of Descent: Legends of the Dark

Introducing the six new heroes of Terrinoth


Terrinoth lies half in shadow, and night is falling. The realm’s oldest enemy has returned, and already the baronies are splintering. One more disaster could mean a fatal blow to the kingdom’s heart.

But there are a handful of unlikely heroes who strive against this evil. Shaped by the trials of their pasts, they fight for the survival of Forthyn, the northernmost barony of Terrinoth. In doing so, they unite as a band of adventurers, and begin to forge a legend that will change their world. Who exactly are these six heroes? Let’s take a closer look.


Brynn – The Human Avenger 

"My path is clear—it leads straight to our enemy."

From a minor branch of a noble family, Brynn has always wanted to uphold her family’s noble ideals by serving as a warrior for justice and law. She joined the Marshals of the Citadel to do just that. But during her training, the Marshals were ambushed and slaughtered by the Uthuk Y’llan. Since then, Brynn's aunt has called her home to take her place as heir to the barony of Forthyn, turning Brynn's whole life upside down. Little does she know, this is just the beginning.

Equipped with a Warden’s Blade and Weighted Warhammer, Brynn is the powerhouse of the band of heroes. Trained by the Marshals to confront enemies head-on, she uses her Outmanuever ability to quickly attack enemies with brute force. On the other hand, her Steady Defense ability allows her to take hits and protect allies with her heavy armor. Brynn is great for players who want to be a bold warrior and an inspiring leader.

Vaerix – The Dragon-Hybrid Outcast

“Our role is not yet played. You and I must survive.”

Vaerix once served the dragonlords as a respected teacher and leader among the dragon hybrids. However, when they began to tell others of their dream, of an independent future for hybrid-kind apart from the dragonlords, they were brutally cast out. Since then, Vaerix has played the part of the wandering prophet and adventurer, trying their best to forget the pain and humiliation of their exile...and the plight of the hybrid faction they left behind.

Vaerix is both a survivor and a group healer, which is showcased through their abilities Survivor and Respite. Their skills and abilities allow them to manipulate other heroes’ cards and helps recover fatigue and damage. At the onset of their legend, they are armed with an Ironthorn Warbell and Riverwatch Spear with light to medium armor. Vaerix is great for players who want to support others and be a reluctant visionary.

Galaden – The Elf Huntsman

“My family is gone. Their teachings are not.”

Galaden has a long family history of service and suffering. He was a member of an elite band of rangers who hunted and defied the Uthuk far from elven territory. Unfortunately, Galaden's company was ambushed and slaughtered, leaving Galaden the only survivor. Now haunted by nightmares and the grief of losing his companions, Galaden seeks vengeance against the Uthuk. Galaden is a member of the Evenarilam bloodline of the Verdelam, the ‘green-blooded’ Latari elves. Like most members of his family, he is deaf. He’s had practice honing his other senses and skills, along with reading lips from acting as a diplomat.

Between his Light Step ability and his rapid manipulation of cards, Galaden is swift both in movement and tactics. With survivalist and warrior tendencies, his Swear Vengeance ability allows him to expose enemies in the line of sight, forcing them to take extra damage from attacks. Galaden has weapons that reflect his playstyle as well: a ranged weapon in the Bloodwood Bow and Mirror Blades for quick attacks. Galaden is great for players who want elite skills, while staying distant to other heroes.

Syrus – The Human Prodigy

“My knowledge was sufficient. Now it is eternal.”

Syrus Indahlu, an ambitious and dedicated student of magic, does not regret bonding his life force to bring the phoenix, Indris, back from the brink of death. But that incident offered him his first glimpse that the world, and he himself, fell short of his idealistic expectations. He has always felt that he could use magic to make the world a better place and help bring out the best in others. But after Indris greatly heightened his magical abilities, he left the Universities of Greyhaven to travel the land and make a difference in peoples' lives.

Syrus has complementary abilities in both the Empower and Phoenix Bond. With magic on his side, Syrus can more easily turn advantages, which are potential successes while attacking, into successes. However, he must suffer fatigue. The Phoenix Bond ability allows Syrus to gather fatigue, to then deal greater damage to enemies. Syrus is great for those who want to solve problems with brilliance and overwhelming magical force.

Kehli – The Dwarf Artificer

“Hold on, I’ve a thing to try...”

Kehli Deepfire has long had a simple ambition: become a great hero, as in the stories her father told her from her youth. Her ambition has been greatly aided by her obvious brilliance, which allowed her to achieve the status of "master" in both the Forge Smith's Guild and the Dunwarr Alchemist's League. For years she studied and practiced her craft, secretly joining two competing guilds. Although she can synergize her skills in smithing and alchemy to do things no one else can, Kehli must carefully guard her secret of dual membership, lest she be cast out of both guilds.

With intelligence on her side, Kehli uses her two abilities, Adaptable and Clever Trap, to outsmart her adversaries. One guarantees she always has access to the best tools for the job, while the other allows her to, you guessed it, trap and slow her opponents. Being the master alchemist and blacksmith she is, Kehli is certain to have a horde of resources and tools in any given situation. This is true especially with her weapons, the True Aim Crossbow and Double-Headed Hammer. Kehli is great for those who know they are the best and don't mind who knows it.

Chance – The Hyrrinx Rogue

“They never see me coming.”

Like many Hyrrinx, Chance was exiled from his community when they ran out of enough food to feed the entire group. Forced to survive on his own, he resorted to a life of crime at a young age, initially working for a street crew in Frostgate. His skill was quickly recognized by those above him, and he was moved to work directly under and for the Outlaw Prince. Chance was brought up to believe that only the good fortune granted him by his master, the Outlaw Prince, has kept him alive and successful this far in life.

As a little guy himself, Chance is always alert for an opportunity to score the telling blow, using stealth to bide his time until the moment is right to strike. These traits are in the forefront of his two abilities: Child of Darkness and On the Prowl. Chance thrives in hiding in the shadows and with his two weapons, the Thorntip Knives and Shadowclaw Gauntlet, he is sure to land some brutal combos. Chance is great for those who want to be a clever, deadly warrior for the common folk.

Now that you’ve met the band of heroes in Descent: Legends of the Dark, get ready to forge your own legend in this dungeon-delving adventure. Preorder your copy today! Descent: Legends of the Dark releases worldwide August 2021. To learn more, click here.

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