11 March 2021 | KeyForge

A New Adventure

Announcing KeyForge Adventures, a New Way to Play KeyForge


A preeminent Logos organization, the Society of Logic and Reason, has lost contact with one of its undersea observatories. In anticipation of trouble, they have hired a group of Archons to join the crew of their ship, the SLRS Vortexilon, and investigate. And it’s a good thing, too—the observatory has been destroyed by a beast from ancient mythology, and an Aquan cult is behind it! 

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce that cooperative play is coming to KeyForge in two free-to-play adventures that expand upon the themes and mechanics found in Dark Tidings

These two exciting adventures present players with a new challenge to overcome using the KeyForge decks in their collection. With each adventure playing in a unique way and featuring multiple difficulty levels, you must come up with entirely new strategies to win. Whether you are playing by yourself or with up to two friends, these adventures will take you to the depths of the Crucible’s oceans and face-to-face with epic monsters and cunning cultists. 

Rise of the Keyraken 

The first adventure pits you against a beast that was sealed beneath the Crucible’s oceans long ago. Released by an Aquan cult, the Keyraken is a powerful creature that absorbs the psychic power of Æmber and can move the ocean with the strength of its will. By the time the crew of the SLRS Vortexilon—and your party—find the Keyraken amidst the ruins of the undersea observatory, it has already laid waste to the facility and is beginning its ascent to the surface. Should it make it to the top, who knows what devastation it will rain upon the civilizations that live there! 

If the Archons are going to defeat the Keyraken and save the Crucible, they will need to bring out their strongest and smartest fighters. After all, the Keyraken has 30 power per player and 6 armor at the start of the game, and it only needs to spend its Æmber and advance four times to win! But as you battle the beast, struggling both to maintain control of the tides and to defeat it with damage, you will find that there is more than one way to tackle this foe. Will you call upon your strongest giants and dinosaurs, or will you instead starve the Keyraken of Æmber, preventing its ascent while you whittle away at the monster until its defenses are lowered? 

The Abyssal Conspiracy 

After defeating the Keyraken, the Archons find that the danger has not yet abated, for their ship is crippled by a mysterious saboteur who escapes before justice can be served! 

In the second adventure, you must navigate a grid of nine locations as you descend into the ocean’s depths to uncover the conspiracy and find the tool you will need to put an end to its villainy. Exploring the ocean’s depths is a dangerous and uncertain undertaking, and whatever force is attempting to foil the Archons is not waiting around to be stopped. As the tide shifts against you, can you stop this conspiracy before it unleashes an otherworldly power across the Crucible? 

Challenges of the Deep 

Both of these new adventures, Rise of the Keyraken and The Abyssal Conspiracy, replace a player’s opponent with an automated deck that each player must draw from when their opponent would normally take a turn. The cards in this deck contain actions that are performed against the players, creatures for the players to fight, and artifacts that the players must avoid or overcome. In this way, any KeyForge deck can be used when playing against either adventure. However, because each adventure has a unique victory (and loss) condition, players may find the decks that are most effective at winning in this new game mode are not the same as the ones that are that effective in standard KeyForge play. 

For players who wish to play with their friends, each adventure offers unique ways to work together to accomplish victory. In Rise of the Keyraken, each player brings their own creatures to the battle against the fabled Keyraken. But with a shared enemy and a single battleline of arms and tentacles to overcome, the players will have to be strategic on which of those creatures they fight and whether they spend their Æmber to raise the tide for their team or focus on forging keys to lower the Keyraken’s defenses. Of course, players can and will often find ways to synergize the cards in their deck with their teammates’ to make each player stronger together than they would be alone. 

Meanwhile, in The Abyssal Conspiracy, players share a single Æmber pool, which they use to travel between locations. Because one player’s reaping can be spent during the next player’s turn, a strategic team can make sure that their Archons are always where they want to be to accomplish their goals. Sometimes, sticking together will be the most effective way to maximize each players’ cards, but often players will find themselves splitting up to cover more ground and avoid the hazards of the ocean. Planning ahead is key when rooting out a dark and—dare we say, evil—conspiracy. 

Forging New Territory 

Whether you are new to KeyForge or a veteran who has been playing since the Call of the Archons, these two upcoming adventures will provide a fun challenge and allow you to uncover a plot that ties into the contents of the upcoming Dark Tidings set. Who will you send into the depths? 

KeyForge Adventures will be available as a free download in the coming weeks. Rise of the Keyraken will be available in late April, while The Abyssal Conspiracy will be available in May. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for more information!

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