The Legend So Far

Celebrating Descent: Legends of the Dark


The road to Descent: Legends of the Dark has been long and full of adventure. As we have said before, this game is the largest single project that Fantasy Flight Games has ever done, and it's not over yet! Our designers are hard at work crafting the next part of this legend. That said, as we head into the last month of the year, we’d like to take the opportunity to celebrate the monumental achievement that is this game. It’s a December of Descent—Descentember, if you will. And to kick off Descentember, let’s take a look back at the highlights that happened both leading up to and after the game’s release.

Highlight 1: Meet the Heroes and Villains

Back in mid-May, we released an article to introduce the six intrepid heroes of Descent: Legends of the Dark: Brynn, the human avenger; Chance, the hyrrinx rogue; Galaden, the elf huntsman; Kehli, the dwarf artificer; Syrus, the human prodigy; and Vaerix, the dragon-hybrid outcast. Each of these heroes has a rich backstory and their own motivations for undertaking the quest of the Blood and Flame campaign. If you missed this introduction back when we first shared it, you can still find it here.

Likewise, in June we also introduced the villainous organizations of Descent: LotD. First and foremost are the hordes of the Uthuk Y’llan, a swarm of violent, dangerous foes that take the forms of enemies such as the berserkers and the bloodwitches. Beyond the Uthuk are the lurching armies of Waiqar the Undying, with enemies such as the specters and wights filling their ranks. Finally, we introduced the Dragonlords’ legions, with dragon hybrid harbingers and centurions visiting despair and ruin on the free peoples of Terrinoth. For information on the history of these three villainous factions, be sure to check out the original article here.

Highlight 2: A Summer of Sights and Sounds

Also in June was the final round of Descent: Legends of the Dark mobile wallpapers. These wallpapers depicted several of the fantastic and unique art pieces from the game, ranging from character art to splash art to even art of some weapons. Several wallpapers have been added since we originally announced these in March, so be sure to check out this article for any that you may have missed!

Jump forward to July, and we released the official soundtrack for Descent: Legends of the Dark on our YouTube Channel. Each of these songs was specifically made for the game, which means that all of Descent: LotD’s music is brand new! With 21 tracks totaling over an hour of music, this soundtrack is the perfect way to immerse yourself into the world of Descent: Legends of the Dark and put you in just the right mood for some adventure.

Highlight 3: Stories and Sponsorship

Throughout the summer, we uploaded a number of short stories to our website. Each of these stories starred one of the six heroes of Descent: LotD and provided a bit of history and context to help you get into character when you next play the game. Written by Robbie MacNiven, who also wrote two novels set in Terrinoth—The Doom of Fallowhearth and The Gates of Thelgrim—these short stories are a great read for anyone wanting to learn more about these colorful characters. You can find all six stories here.

Finally, one of our most recent highlights is a partnership with Critical Role!

To help promote Descent: Legends of the Dark and show our love for tabletop adventures of all kinds, Fantasy Flight Games was the official sponsor for the fourth episode of Critical Role’s third campaign. We sent copies of Descent: LotD to the cast, and if you check the 2:55:45 timestamp, you’ll get Marisha Ray and Matt Mercer’s opinions on the game. The episode is titled “On the Trail of a Killer,” and can be found on Critical Role’s YouTube channel now!

And More to Come

Descentember is just getting started. There is a reason that this game is included on several sites’ “top games of 2021” lists, and it only gets better from here. Be sure to keep an eye out—both on our website and on our socials—for more Descent: Legends of the Dark content in the near future. Gather your fellow adventurers this holiday season and Dare to Descent!  

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