Horrors for Days

Announcing the Schedule for Arkham Nights 2021


Be wary, investigators, for something dark approaches…

Last year, we had a week of horrors that formed the Arkham Nights 2020 event. This year, we find ourselves faced with yet another terrifying event, but this time on an even grander scale. Arkham Nights 2021 is right around the corner, and this year it’s larger than ever.

This event will take place from Friday, October 22nd through Sunday, October 31st. We will talk about the two weekends in this time period (the 22nd through 24th and the 29th through 31st) in a moment, but for now, let’s focus on the tantalizing online events that happen between them, during the week we’d like to call the Week of Arkham.

To kick off the Week of Arkham on Monday, October 25th, we will have a Share the Terror Prize Pack Giveaway. Simply share a photo of you playing any of the games in the Arkham Horror Files universe with the hashtag #ArkhamNights2021 for a chance to win an Arkham Horror Files-themed prize pack. As for what’s in that prize pack, we will reveal that at a later date, so stay tuned!

Next, on Tuesday, October 26th, join your fellow investigators around the globe to tackle a special Cooperative Trivia Challenge. For this event, we will be livestreaming trivia questions starting at 6:00 PM CDT. All viewers will have just a short moment to answer each question, and every correct answer will contribute to a global score. If the global score gets high enough, you will unlock a number of prizes for all Arkham fans to enjoy!

On Thursday, October 28th, tune in for a special broadcast on Facebook Live with MJ Newman, the lead designer of Arkham Horror: The Card Game. In this broadcast, MJ will take everyone through a whirlwind tour of the Edge of the Earth Campaign Expansion, with a focus on the characters and scenarios that can be found within. For anyone looking forward to Arkham LCG’s Antarctic adventure, you won’t want to miss this tantalizing preview!

Then, on Friday, October 29th, a new batch of recipes from Arkham, Massachusetts will hit our website, expanding the culinary collection that we began as part of last year’s Arkham Nights festivities. Be sure to check out (and try out) these recipes when we unleash them on the world! (Note: If you haven’t seen the recipes from last year, you can still find them here!)

The Week of Arkham will have much more happening on each day as well! Be sure to check in regularly for a plethora of Arkham Horror Files-themed content scattered across our website and social media accounts, including puzzles, quizzes, memes, and more.

Arkham Nights In-Person

Last year was difficult for a number of reasons, and unfortunately we were unable to host any sort of Arkham Nights event in person. Thankfully, this year is different, and we are excited to announce that Arkham Nights is coming back not only to just Roseville, Minnesota, but in stores around the world as well!

In Roseville, folks can look forward to the Gamezenter hosting its Arkham Nights event from October 22nd through October 24th. Those of us from FFG will be there to collaborate with the Gamezenter on their activities and events. If you can make it, join us for things like epic multiplayer games for both the Arkham Horror board game and card game, a pick-and-play game library where you and your friends can play any game from the Arkham Horror Files universe (including the upcoming Unfathomable), and a late-night pub trivia event with some awesome prizes on the line! Be sure to check out the Gamezenter’s website for details and times.

For those of you who don’t live in the Roseville area, do not fret! For the first time ever, other game stores will be able to host their own versions of Arkham Nights as well! In the weeks leading up to the 22nd, be sure to ask your local game store if they plan to host an Arkham Nights event. Each participating store will host the event in their own way, and they can hold it anytime between October 22nd and October 31st. Some stores may even have some official Arkham Nights 2021 swag to give out! Just keep in mind that FFG will not be participating in the events of stores other than the Gamezenter, even though we wish we could.

A Week to Remember

Mark your calendars, Arkham fans. With something happening every day between October 22nd and October 31st—whether it’s online or in-person—you won’t want to miss out on this year’s Arkham Nights event. Join us, and brave the horrors of the Week of Arkham—the world depends on it!

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