In Too Deep

Announcing the First Mythos Pack of the Innsmouth Conspiracy Cycle


“In a second, all my plans were utterly changed—for if the southward highway were blocked ahead of me, I must clearly find another egress from Innsmouth.”
–H.P. Lovecraft, The Shadow Over Innsmouth

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Since awakening in a dank and dismal pit on the Atlantic coast, your memories of your time in Innsmouth have been scattered and difficult to piece together. Why did you come to the town of Innsmouth? What exactly transpired between your arrival and your nightmarish experience in the tidal tunnels? What is the connection between the Esoteric Order of Dagon and the swarming deep ones? These questions and more will have to wait—Innsmouth may already be slipping beneath the waves!

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce In Too Deep, the first Mythos Pack in The Innsmouth Conspiracy cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game!

Within this expansion, you’ll find the next chapter of The Innsmouth Conspiracy, drawing you deeper into the tangled web surrounding your visit to Innsmouth. It’s not just a new scenario, however—you’ll find new player cards to support every class, including powerful new Covenants that center on the bless and curse tokens introduced in The Innsmouth Conspiracy deluxe expansion!

Rising Tides

Once you’ve escaped the deep ones in the coastal tunnels, your path leads you back to Innsmouth, where you’re intent on learning more… but Innsmouth has been invaded. Foul things from the depths of the sea prowl the streets, patrolling the alleys and intersections. Makeshift barricades block the streets through town as seawater floods the Innsmouth Harbor and spreads deeper into the city. You must escape, but your car is parked at the train station on the other side of town. The only way out is to push forward through Innsmouth.

At the start of the scenario, you’ll set up the city of Innsmouth with fifteen location cards, using resource tokens between these location cards to indicate the barriers erected on the streets. To reach the train station and escape, you and your fellow investigators must pick your way through this labyrinth.

The town of Innsmouth lies between you and escape, with barriers set up between locations! 

An already dangerous journey is further complicated by the barriers that block your path. You can’t move between two locations if there are barriers in the way, but fortunately, many location cards give you a way to clear barriers. If you’re in the Shoreward Slums (In Too Deep, 131), you can take damage to remove a barrier, while the Innsmouth Jail (In Too Deep, 133) lets you spend your resources to clear your path. Along your journey, you’ll also be tracking down the key tokens that represent vital information about what has happened to Innsmouth and your own investigation. If you can take these keys to the right locations, you may be able to aid your memory and unlock the true events plaguing Innsmouth.

No matter where your path leads you, however, you must be cautious. Ocean water splashes against the shops and houses of Innsmouth, and new enemies like Ravager from the Deep (In Too Deep, 145) or the Emerging Deep One (In Too Deep, 146) become dramatically more powerful if they’re in flooded locations. You and your friends must escape quickly if you want to avoid a watery end.

Join Covenant?

You’ll find new player cards for every character class within this Mythos Pack, and among them, a powerful new type of permanent asset for every class: Covenants! Even if you have a character that can draw from multiple classes, you’re limited to one Covenant per deck. Furthermore, every Covenant has a close relationship with the new bless and curse tokens introduced in The Innsmouth Conspiracy… but that’s where the similarities end.

As we discussed in our announcement of The Innsmouth Conspiracy, many cards in this cycle draw upon the brand-new bless and curse tokens. Bless tokens function as a +2 modifier, but you’ll need to draw a second chaos token to learn the final outcome of your test. Similarly, curse tokens act as a –2 result, but again, you’ll have to draw another chaos token to complete your test. Once bless or curse token are drawn, they’re removed from the chaos bag, so it’s only natural that there would be plenty of ways to add bless and curse tokens to the chaos bag. Now, with the addition of Covenants, you have an entirely new way to interact with these tokens.

Take the Ancient Covenant (In Too Deep, 122), for example. Whenever an investigator at your location draws a bless token from the chaos bag, you can exhaust Ancient Covenant so you don’t have to reveal another token. Instead, you simply reap the benefits of the bless token without risking failure by drawing another token! Or perhaps you’d prefer to ride the line of sanity by entering into a Blasphemous Covenant (In Too Deep, 113). This Covenant can be triggered whenever an investigator at your location draws a curse token. Rather than suffering a –2 modifier, the Blasphemous Covenant lets you treat the curse token as having a +1 modifier—but rather removing the curse token from the chaos bag, you’ll need to put that token back in the bag after the test!

Of course, you don’t need to embrace the bless and curse tokens. You may even decide that you’re a Skeptic (In Too Deep, 115) who puts no stock in supernatural portents or powers!

Flooding in Innsmouth

A perilous journey awaits you and your fellow investigators. You must traverse a flooded, infested Innsmouth if you’re going to escape—but will you push to escape as quickly as possible, or will you strive to find the missing pieces of your own memories that may await in Innsmouth?

Look for In Too Deep (AHC53) to release in November 2020, and pre-order your own copy at your local retailer or online through our webstore today!

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