15 April 2020 | Organized Play

Update: COVID-19 & FFG OP

An Update for All Events Regarding COVID-19


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, Fantasy Flight Games is dedicated to making sure everyone involved with our games remains safe and healthy during this time. After evaluating the ever-changing situation, we are extending the suspension of all Organized Play activities.

At this time, store-level Organized Play events should be postponed until September 1 and scheduled Premier level events such as Grand Championships, KeyForge Vault Tours, the Legend of the Five Rings Kotei Series, and the Star Wars™: X-Wing  System Open Series are suspended until July 29 and will be rescheduled when possible. We will continue to monitor the state of the pandemic and will always prioritize the safety of our staff and community. We are working on rescheduling as many of our events as possible, but will continue to defer to health experts for when it is safe to resume public gatherings, so dates and status of events could change.

The additional events have been postponed or cancelled:

Star Wars: X-Wing System Open Series

Vault Tour

Legend of the Five Rings Kotei and Grand Kotei

Origins Game Fair (CANCELLED)

Origins Game Fair (POSTPONED)

Origins Game Fair (POSTPONED)

Tilburg, Netherlands (POSTPONED)

Tilburg, Netherlands (POSTPONED)


Hannover, Germany (POSTPONED)

Hannover, Germany (POSTPONED)


Bankstown Sports Club, Australia (POSTPONED)


In the meantime, we hope that everyone stays safe and healthy. Please stay tuned to our website, social media channels, and our retailer newsletter for updates as we provide them.

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