2 March 2020 | Star Wars: Armada

Deploy the Fleet

A New Star Wars: Armada FAQ is Now Available

Hello Armada fans! We realize it's been a wait, but our first FAQ update in nearly two years is here! Several major products have debuted in that time, and this FAQ covers essential questions and errata about them, including the Super Star Destroyer, Corellian Conflict campaign expansion and Onager-class Star Destroyer.


The most important card errata are the changes to Admiral Raddus that were originally published in January on the Armada Forum's Official Rulings thread. These changes restrict Admiral Raddus' effect to being resolved on a ship with a command value 3 or less and also make Admiral Raddus' flagship the focus for deploying the set-aside ship. These changes have been planned to balance Raddus' effect with the arrival of the Starhawk-class Battleship, which packs more firepower into a single ship than anything the Rebels had before. The change to this card's deployment rule is meant to provide more counterplay to Raddus' opponents.

We have also updated the Hyperspace Migration objective from Rebellion in the Rim to clarify its End of Round rules. While playing this objective, a ship can at most score every other round, and players move each purrgil after checking all ships' token status.

In addition to these changes, we have updated the extreme range rules introduced with the Onager-class Star Destroyer. This change increases the evade token's effect at extreme range and was omitted from the published version.

There are several errata for Rebellion in the Rim's campaign guide. These updates clarify exogorth obstacle attacks, Task Force battle setup, and pivotal battle interaction with objectives.  

Finally, we have updated the deployment rules for the Super Star Destroyer to make it clearer how this huge ship interacts with its player's deployment zone.


We've received many player questions about the new content and have expanded this section. These include general questions about command interaction with raid tokens and other effects. Some existing questions have also been updated to reflect rules errata, new content, or to give clearer answers.

We've also added a new Rebellion in the Rim section to cover essential questions, especially about the new obstacles introduced in the campaign.

Card Clarifications

With so many new cards added to the game, this section has grown the most. We've added clarifications for many objectives from Rebellion in the Rim but also older objectives introduced in The Corellian Conflict. These cover many unique situations created by these objectives' effects, new obstacles, and huge ships.

Our most important new squadron clarification covers the interaction between IG-88B's ability and the escort keyword.

Finally, there a lot of upgrade clarifications! Several cover new cards, such as Commander Beck and Linked Turbolasers. Others cover new interactions between older cards, such as delayed timing cards that are discarded by effects like Darth Vader's boarding team card. We have also expanded Chimaera and Grand Admiral Thrawn's clarifications to cover interactions with Rebellion in the Rim content and the Super Star Destroyer.

We hope these updates answer some important tournament questions as we head into Worlds 2020, as well as helping players have a smoother campaign play experience. Thanks for the wait!

Download the Star Wars: Armada FAQ now to read the entire update! As always, game rules, tournament regulations, and other support materials for Star Wars: Armada can be found on our Star Wars: Armada page.

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