Bad Blood

Introducing a New Parallel Investigator for Arkham Horror: The Card Game


You glimpse your reflection in the mirror, but it’s not quite as you remember. You can’t pinpoint the difference, but something inexpressible has subtly altered. And now that it’s gone, you’re not sure you’ll ever get back to where you were…

Today, we’re proud to reveal another new parallel investigator for Arkham Horror: The Card Game, now available for print-and-play! Following in the footsteps of Daisy Walker and “Skids” O’Toole, you can download Agnes Baker and the Bad Blood challenge scenario today!

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Memories of Hyperborea

From a young age, Agnes Baker saw the memories of another life in her dreams—a life of magick and conquest in the land of Hyperborea. You’ve had years to get acquainted with her original version, but the parallel iteration of Agnes Baker (Parallel Investigators, 17) offers a real twist on the familiar. In the Core Set, Agnes Baker is reactionary by nature, lashing out against the horrors of the Mythos to deal damage to the enemies that surround you. Now, Agnes Baker takes a more calculated approach, intentionally drawing on the power in her own blood to amplify her Spell events!

Agnes takes damage to pay for her ability, so you’ll notice that her health and sanity values have been reversed, giving her plenty of room to take damage and pay for her Spells with blood. Agnes’s deck is also only 25 cards, because she now has the option to keep the base version of a Spell in her deck when she upgrades one of these cards!

As with other parallel investigators, you’ll also find new advanced versions of Agnes’s signature cards, Heirloom of Hyperborea (Parallel Investigators, 18) and Dark Memory (Parallel Investigators, 19). You’ll have a prime chance to use these advanced signature cards when you take on Agnes’s challenge scenario: Bad Blood.

Agnes Baker may have assumed that she was alone in her modern reincarnation from a past life as a sorceress of Hyperborea, but a newcomer has come to Arkham—and Elspeth Baudin (Parallel Investigators, 23) has none of Agnes’s compunctions to use her magical powers for good. With Elspeth intent on evil ends, the investigators must race Elspeth around Arkham, while unlocking Agnes’s memories of the past.

Bad Blood can be played in standalone mode or as part of a campaign, but either way, Agnes Baker has to be in your party. In addition to the new cards included as part of the Bad Blood print-and-play scenario, you simply need one copy of the Core Set, The Forgotten Age deluxe expansion, and the Threads of Fate Mythos Pack.

A Sanguine Seal

Agnes must unlock the power of the past, increasing her own sorcerous prowess if she’s going to keep Elspeth Baudin from embarking on bloody conquest. If you’re ready to try the parallel version of Agnes Baker and test yourself against the Bad Blood challenge scenario, you can download the cards  (27 MB) and the rules  (6.5 MB) today!

Kick off your next new campaign with the parallel version of Agnes Baker, and look for more new parallel investigators in coming months!

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