A Duel in the Stars

Prizes and Event Details for the 2019 October World Championships


"Your lightsabers will make a fine addition to my collection!"
   –General Grievous, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

The fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance, and your time to make a difference has finally come! Join us this fall for two 2019 World Championships on October 16–20! For five days, the best competitors of Star Wars™​: Destiny and Star Wars™​: X-Wing will gather from all over the world to contend for top-tier prizes and the chance at becoming a world champion! Hosted at the legendary Roy Wilkins Auditorium at the Saint Paul RiverCentre in Minnesota, this year's events are sure to be bigger and better than ever!

As the pinnacle of all Organized Play events, not only do the World Championship events offer a venue where you can challenge the best players on a scale like no other, they also offer a variety of fun side events with a multitude of exclusive prizes. This is a once-a-year Star Wars extravaganza and an incredible way of celebrating your favorite game with other players who share your passion. 

It's not too late to make a difference in the galaxy—tickets are still available! Star Wars: Destiny players may purchase their tickets here or players who already have invitations may claim their seats now. The deadline for reserving your seat is on September 30. Star Wars: X-Wing players who have yet to score an invitation to this year's World Championship may purchase a ticket for the Last Chance Qualifier, where the Top 64 players will qualify for Worlds. Even if you don't qualify, you are still free to play in all side events throughout the weekend! If you do have an invite, make sure to claim your seat by September 30.

Here are the full details on the schedule, as well as get a sneak peek at the prizes you'll be competing for this October!

The Schedule

For five action-packed days, heroes and villains will clash in epic lightsaber duels, pilots of X-wings, TIE fighters, and other iconic ships will engage in incredible dogfights, and the balance between light and dark will shift as these epic Star Wars conflicts come to a head.

Each year we strive to make the experience of the World Championships more exciting and robust than ever before, and this year, we're setting a whole new standard. In addition to the main events, we're featuring a blowout of thrilling side events at the renowned Roy Wilkins Auditorium! Between Star Wars: Destiny and Star Wars: X-Wing there are more than twenty-five side events available to attendees.

Don't miss these exciting events! Get the full breakdown by downloading the World Championships schedules below.


Streaming Schedule

The Prizes

Prizes, glory, and the thrill of spirited competition—at the 2019 October World Championships, it can all be yours!

Enhance your game and commemorate your Worlds experience with extended art cards, premium tokens and dials, stunning art prints, game mats, and of course, trophies! All of this and more will be available for players to win. On top of participation prizes and the wide array of placement prizes previewed below, players will be able to spend prize tickets to lay claim to the rewards available at the Star Wars: Destiny and Star Wars: X-Wing prize walls!

Now here is a look at the prizes you can win through participating in these exciting events!

Star Wars: Destiny

Star Wars: X-Wing

Stay on Target

At the 2019 October World Championships, you can celebrate your favorite game while taking part in the highest level of competition! Immerse yourself in the Star Wars galaxy as you win amazing prizes, make new friends, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Don't miss out on this exceptional Star Wars gaming experience!

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