24 September 2019 | Star Wars: Destiny

Following Protocol

Developer Jeremy Zwirn Details the Rules Reference Update and a New Format

“It’s against my programming to impersonate a deity.
   –C-3PO, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

The Star Wars™: Destiny Holocrons and Rules Reference documents have been updated and are available to download! In addition to other changes, this update also ushers in a new multiplayer format that encourages cooperation between players. Learn about this exciting new format and more as Star Wars: Destiny developer Jeremy Zwirn highlights the biggest changes found in this update. Familiarize yourself with these new rules and adjustments and then join us for the pinnacle of all Star Wars: Destiny Organized Play events, the World Championship! Don't miss out; get your tickets now!

Jeremy Zwirn on the Rules Reference Update

Hello, Star Wars: Destiny players!

While looking at the results of several recent large Star Wars: Destiny tournaments (Gen Con, the European Championship, and the U.S. Grand Championship), it's clear that two deck archetypes have risen to the top and were well-represented at each event. With the World Championship and the Prime Championship season right around the corner, this update is aimed at bringing those decks down a notch and promoting a more diverse metagame. This update also introduces an exciting new multiplayer format for team play: Alliances!


Spark of Hope features the long-awaited debut of Ewoks to the game. These furry little friends epitomize the strength in numbers mentality. Ewoks are great at dealing a consistent amount of damage, and teams with a low starting health, such as most two-character teams, face a tough challenge against Ewoks. If Ewoks become too prevalent, their presence will push many decks out of the metagame and stifle innovation. With the goal of boosting deck diversity, Ewok Warrior  (Spark of Hope, 79) and Arena of Death (Way of the Force, 156) have been added to the Standard restricted list.

Hero Droids

Since the release of Spark of Hope, one of the most played deck archetypes is hero droids. A variety of decks are built around the efficacy and consistency of C-3PO (Spark of Hope, 77) and R2-D2 (Spark of Hope, 56), with the third character on the team often being either Chopper (Spark of Hope, 94), Satine Kryze (Convergence, 9), or Han Solo (Spark of Hope, 96). With cards that allow you to activate multiple characters, like Droids’ Day Out  (Spark of Hope, 79), this pairing can generate resources and disrupt opponents too regularly for many decks to compete. C-3PO is now 9/11 points and Droids’ Day Out has been added to the restricted list in Standard and Trilogy. 

Villain Supports

The other popular archetype from recent tournaments is villain supports. These decks take advantage of some of the most powerful supports in the game. Many of these decks are three-color to include some of the strongest cards in the game, while others focus on droids with Doctor Aphra (Legacies, 20). Wat Tambor (Convergence, 22) is a linchpin of this archetype because he can give you an extra support die each round, and getting an additional die, such as an Entourage (Convergence, 152) die, is extremely potent. Wat Tambor now has the following errata: “Power Action - Play a Red support from your hand (paying its cost). Then roll that support’s die into your pool.” This reduces the variety of supports he can play with his power action and should bring him more in line with other characters at his point values.

Alliances Format

An official new multiplayer format, Alliances, makes its debut in this update. Team up with your friend and challenge another team in a format that lets you play Star Wars: Destiny in a different way. Alliances has some unique rules that encourage cooperation, such as playing upgrades on your teammate’s characters, and each battlefield brought to the game will be used no matter which team wins the roll-off. Choose a deck, form an alliance, and test your mettle with this fun format!

I'm looking forward to how the metagame evolves with this update. Ideally, a variety of decks that have been on the cusp will compete with the best to establish an interesting and diverse tournament environment for Worlds and the Prime Championship season. To those that will be attending Worlds, I'll see you there!

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