19 September 2019 | Arkham Horror Third Edition

Silence of Tsathoggua

Preview a New Scenario in Dead of Night


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The Beast of Voormithadreth slumbers, while the followers he abandoned on distant Yuggoth prepare offerings of supplication for his ravenous appetite. Should the toad-like Sleeper of N’Kai awaken, doom shall come for us all.

Dead of Night not only brings new Investigators to your games of Arkham Horror: Third Edition, but plenty of new threats for these poor souls to confront in the form of two new scenarios. You’ve already seen one of these scenarios in action, as our intrepid team of investigators mediated a war between the O’Bannons and the Sheldon’s in a recent livestream. But that’s not all this new expansion has to offer. In the silence of night, an ancient evil stirs and creatures of darkness begin to infest our fair city.

Today, we’re previewing the second scenario found in Dead of Night, Silence of Tsathoggua!

The nights of Arkham are stretching to unnatural lengths and its citizens are lapsing into torpid sleep. Even in daylight, the city is muted and dull, the sun never fully cresting the unknown mountains on the horizon. The moon never sets, and at times casts a greenish hue, revealing unfamiliar stone buildings and rocky alien promontories, as though the landscape of Arkham overlaps some other place. Even worse, strange creatures are seen on the prowl – shapeless black monstrosities and flying clawed humanoids haunt the dark streets of Arkham.

Can your investigators unravel the mystery surrounding the dead of night before unknowable evil devours Arkham while it's lulled into a never-ending slumber? 

Yuggoth Emergent

Something is strange in the city of Arkham. In the never ending haze of night, strange buildings appear in the moonlight. You'll have to act quickly, starting from the Orne Library when Arkham has already been transformed by eldritch abominations.

Your investigator's first goal will be placing two clues on the scenario sheet as you struggle to get a basic understanding of the events transpiring in your town. You’ll want to gather them quickly, as letting clues linger during a reckoning can lead to additional doom being placed on the scenario sheet while the evil encroaching on Arkham creeps ever closer to reality. You’ll be in a constant race against the clock of ever-increasing doom. A darkness is approaching, can you solve this eldritch mystery before it’s too late and the terrifying Tsatthoggua breaches your world?

Either way, prepare for a daring game of cat and mouse as your investigators find their city overrun by Mi-Go, and will have to cobble together scientific knowledge and clues to have any chance of saving the world. As you search for the answer to the questions that hound you, more and more Mi-Go enemies will make their presence known with mysterious new technology that may provide its own solution to this nightmare scenario.

A vertically-oriented Arkham will force the team to explore in unique ways, and with only one-way in or out of Northside, you’ll have to plan your movement carefully if you hope to act efficiently and avoid the horrors lurking in the streets of Arkham.

Silent Death

The investigation won’t be easy, as strange creatures begin to prowl Arkham’s desolate and barren roads. Gathering clues will be even more difficult with a Grasping Fungus tailing you in the dark. Instead of attacking you directly, the Grasping Fungus hunts the investigator with the most items, and will deal damage to these items before dealing damage to the investigator carrying them, robbing you of valuable tools in your fight against evil.

As your investigation prorgresses, other unspeakable horrors will throw new complications your way, such as the Cerebral Extractor  that consistently returns a Spawn Monster token to your Mythos Cup, further propogating the horrors spreading across the city. Though this creature is a lurker, seeking it out to defeat it may offer an enticing reward.

This scenario also utilizes a new anomaly deck. As the city of Arkham continues to unravel, will your investigators be able to confront these strange occurrences with their minds intact? Or will they succumb to the horrors that await them? The horror is inevitable, your survival is not. 

The Setting Sun

Arkham is changing, morphing into a lethargic town that never quite sees the full splendor of the sun. In the Dead of Night, unspeakable horrors have infested the town, and an unknowable evil approaches. Only a select few investigators can face this darkness head on, and give the world a chance to survive. Can you survive the evening when Dead of Night arrives in the third quarter of 2019?

Discover unknowable evil in Dead of Night (AHB04) a new expansion for Arkham Horror: Third Edition, available now for pre-order from your local retailer or our website with free shipping in the continental United States!

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