The Hunt Begins

Hunt for the Ember Crown Is Now Available for Journeys in Middle-earth


You’ve fought your way through the Bones of Arnor campaign. You’ve confronted evil and your Fellowship is stronger than ever. But across the Shire, a new menace grows. Does your group of adventurers have what it takes to travel down these dark roads once again and partake in another perilous journey?

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce The Hunt for the Ember Crown DLC for The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth companion app is available now through the App StoreGoogle PlayAmazon, and Steam!

Hunt for the Ember Crown is the first downloadable campaign for Journeys in Middle-earth and introduces new quests that are completely compatible with the components found in the Journeys in Middle-earth Core Set.

Join the Hunt

In Hunt for the Ember Crown, your fellowship will be tested by eleven new adventures that feature branching paths, taking your group from the roads of Bree-land to the slopes of the Blue Mountains and beyond as you hunt for the elusive Ember Crown!

The campaign begins in the Bree-land, where something is amiss. The roads are beset by maruading Wargs, bolder and cleverer than the land has known in many years. The Thain of the Shire, responsible for protecting its people, is the first to notice these skirmishes are not as random as they first appear. But he has become withdrawn and distracted as of late, offering only token measures to protect the Shire and its people. Some say his son has fallen ill and his only hope is a legendary bloom, once believed to be cultivated by the Elves of the Blue Mountains. Can you track down this flower with your life intact?

While Hunt for the Ember Crown is completely compatible with the Journeys in Middle-earth Core Set, you can also purchase the Villains of Eriador Figure Pack  to bring the villains of both campaigns to life! This figure pack expands your games of Journeys in Middle-earth by providing unique plastic figures presenting three particularly powerful villains you could encounter during your adventures, and is available now!

The Road to Adventure

Are you and your fellowship ready to travel dangerous roads once again? To confront evil and defeat those who would darken the world with their wicked machinations?

Discover your next adventure in Middle-earth with Hunt for the Ember Crown, available now for download through the App StoreGoogle PlayAmazon, and Steam!

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