18 July 2019 | KeyForge

Bräkken Now on Tour!

Rock Out with the New KeyForge Vault Tour Prizes! 


“Ain’t nothin’, ain’t nobody, that can beat my beat.”

The legendary heavy metal band Bräkken is now on tour! 

This gnarly four-piece Brobnar band has been making some serious waves in the Crucible, and now, for the first time ever, they’re bringing their killer setlist on tour! You can catch the first-ever Bräkken shows as they headline the KeyForge Vault Tours at Gen Con from August 1–4 and at EXPO Kraków from August 22–25! 

At these electrifying events, not only will you be sure to see these Brobnar stars in action as they reap, fight, and play for Bräkken fans around the world, but for the first time ever you’ll be able to score this brand-new Bräkken merch through the Prize Wall. But the show doesn't stop there! After these first gigs, you can expect to see these prizes at any upcoming Vault Tour! Whether you use your own personal stash of ‘shards from the Master Vault or use the bounty of Æmber gained through participating in the event itself, you can show off your unwavering support of Bräkken as they perform during these Vault Tours! Reap the lightning!

The Merch Table

Now it’s time for an exclusive sneak peek at what’s in store at these upcoming Bräkken-headlining events! First up are a set of metal pins that spotlight the main members of Bräkken.

These solid little accessories are a fashionable way of showing your support for this iconic rock group. Choose your favorite Brobnar musician or simply rep the Bräkken name itself! These pins cost 25 Æmbershards each, or the most dedicated fans can get the full set of five pins for 100 'shards. Seriously metal!

Next is a set of guitar picks that are ready to shred! Sporting the band members of Bräkken, these picks will give you maximum sound with minimal fuss. On the flip side of these picks you'll also find the KeyForge symbols for damage, stun, power, and of course, Æmber. For 65 'shards you get a pack of six of your choice. Grab these vibrant picks on tour for the extra bite you need to make your strings sing! 

The show must go on! First up is a Gen Con exclusive 18 x 24" poster that would be at home in any respectable venue, and at 25 Æembershards, it's an absolute steal! This epic image of the full band in all their glory serves as proof that not only were you there, you survived. Next is an all-access concert badge for 60 'shards that is perfect for tagging your luggage, or anything important, like Bräkken merch. Also included in this sweet spread is a set of white and black stickers for 15 'shards which offer a direct way of showing your devotion to the mind-blowing music of Bräkken. Last but not least is a special pickguard that will be on a sweet guitar that we'll be giving away to one lucky fan! 

Now for the final assortment of radical rewards! First up is the Bräkken lanyard for 20 Æmbershards—a great way of showing your band loyalty during these Vault Tour events. Coming in at 50 'shards is a handy tote bag, great for carrying your KeyForge stuff or any other gear you may aqcuire during these events. Of course, it wouldn't be a proper merch station without a concert t-shirt. You can wear these four Brobnar legends loud and proud for 75 'shards. Closing out the entire setlist is a Bräkken hat for 120 'shards. Rock on!

Catch the Show From Home

If you can't make it out to the Bräkken-headlining Vault Tour at Gen Con, don't fret because we will be streaming all four days of the convention on both YouTube and Twitch! The musical legends of House Brobnar will be taking center stage as their fellow goblins, beasts, and giants look to cause all sorts of havoc in the Crucible. Each day, the stream will kick off around 9:30 EDT (UTC -4), so mark your calendars and be sure not to miss out on any of the explosive KeyForge action!

Encore! Encore!

Catch the mighty Bräkken as they perform at upcoming Vault Tours! Hurry up and get your tickets soon before these awesome shows are sold out! 

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