Living on the Edge

Preview Combat in Star Wars: Outer Rim


 "I prefer a straight fight to all this sneaking around."
   –Han Solo, Star Wars: A New Hope

While the allure of the Outer Rim attracts those seeking fame and fortune, there is always a cost. Only a select few become legends whispered about in seedy cantinas, the rest fall to the dangers that await on the Star Wars galaxy’s edge. Physical altercations are almost assured as these daring scoundrels pursue bounties, take on dangerous jobs, and outwit intimidating patrols.

While some smugglers avoid firefights at all costs, others revel in it, seeing firefights as a path to fame or infamy in the Outer Rim. With your blaster alone, you can hunt down powerful bounties or even destroy the galaxy’s most notorious factions' patrol ships. But getting in too many scraps can slow you down, and biting off more than you can chew at the edge of the galaxy can mean ultimate defeat.  

Join us today as we preview combat in Star Wars™: Outer Rim a game of bounty hunters, mercenaries and smugglers for one to four players!

A Straight Fight

Each ship and character in Outer Rim has a combat value listed on their card. This number represents the amount of dice you’ll roll during combat. In space, you’ll be using your ship’s combat value; on the ground, you’ll be using your character’s ground combat value. Your character and ship also feature a health value and hull value, respectively, and if the damage you’ve accumulated through combat on either card ever meets or exceeds this value, you lose 3,000 credits, discard any secrets you’ve obtained, and must spend your next planning step healing your wounds or repairing your ship’s hull.

Bounties, jobs, patrols, and encounters can all lead to various forms of combat during your turn. When you are instructed to perform a combat against a non-player character, both you and your opponent (represented by the player to your left) will roll a number of dice equal to your respective combat values. The combat value of your opponent will normally be listed on the card where the combat is originating, such as a drawn encounter card or the bounty card of the character you are attacking. 

To begin a combat, simply roll your dice and count the number of hits and crits. Hits count as one damage while crits count as two. Your opponent will always get the opportunity to roll as well; nothing ever comes without a cost on the Outer Rim. Unlike player characters, Non-player characters don’t have a health or hull value and don’t take damage, you simply win the combat if you deal more damage than them.  

Boba Fett draws an encounter card that pits him against a dangerous dragonsnake. He has a ground combat value of 3, so rolls 3 dice showing four damage. The dragonsnake has a combat value of 5, rolling 5 dice showing 3 damage. Though Boba Fett takes this three damage, he still rolled more damage, winning the combat and the reward listed on the encounter card!

You can only capture or eliminate bounties if you manage to defeat them in combat. Patrols will also only be destroyed if your ship wins the combat. Should you fail in your combat, you’ll have to attempt the combat again during your next turn, after potentially healing up if you have been defeated. Patrols, bounties, encounters, and patrols don’t have damage that carries over from turn to turn, meaning you’ll have to be sure you have the tools for the job to take on these difficult tasks. Combat during jobs can have its own unique consequences, which will be listed on the appropriate card. 

Of course, various gear and mods can affect your combat rolls. Chewbacca is a fearsome foe and a legendary bounty with a ground combat value of 6. However, he is easier to bring in if you carry a DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol with you to increase the amount of dice you roll. Other gear, like the  Ion Canon can let you manipulate the results of your opponent's roll to ensure victory. Even if the odds are against you, a little scoundrel's luck and preparation can help secure your legacy in the Star Wars galaxy!

Of course, players can also attack each other, in which case both characters or ships take damage and the winner is still whoever dealt the most damage. While attacking a player unprovoked provides no immediate rewards, some factions may put out bounties on character's with negative reputation, offering an enticing reason to engage in combat with your fellow scoundrels.

Every patrol has a ship combat value. Prevailing against the patrol in combat will net you a reward!

While choosing to encounter patrols can lead to fame and fortune, there is also the opportunity for patrols to attack you. If you have a positive reputation with a faction, you can move right through their patrols on your adventures. If you have neutral reputation with a faction, you have to stop your movement in the planning phase if you move into a space with one of their patrols. From there, you can choose to encounter them during the encounter step, but be warned, attacking a patrol will lower your reputation with the appropriate faction. Should your reputation with a faction become negative, you must encounter their patrol when you find yourself in the same space!

Showdown in the Outer Rim

Whether it’s a turbolaser on their trusty ship or just a good blaster at their side, a scoundrel always has to be ready for a fight. In the untamed territory of the Outer Rim, any conflict can turn into a firefight, and when fame is on the line, will you do what it takes to come out on top?

Find your own path to fame and glory in Star Wars: Outer Rim (SW06), available now for pre-order from your local retailer!

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