High-Stakes Job

Preview Jobs and Skill Tests in Star Wars: Outer Rim


“Heard about a job. Bigshot gangster. I’m putting together a crew.”
   –Tobias Beckett, Solo: A Star Wars Story

A high-stakes game of sabacc can be rigged in your favor, a shipment of coaxium crystals is ripe for the taking from the spice mines of Kessel, an underwater temple on Mon Calamari must hold countless treasures. These are the opportunities that present themselves to those who call the Outer Rim their home.

These jobs are a source of fame and fortune for any scoundrel living their life on the galaxy’s edge, and it will take a unique mix of skills and wits to pull them off flawlessly. Do you have what it takes to become a living legend on the Outer Rim?

Join us today as we preview taking on jobs in Star Wars™: Outer Rim, a board game of bounty hunters, mercenaries, and smugglers for one to four players!

High Risk, High Reward

Taking jobs is essential if you want to earn credits and fame, but not just anybody has the skills to succeed. While you're perusing the marketplace during the action step, you may decide to purchase a job. From there, you'll have to blast off to reach a specified destination, but once you're there, you can attempt to complete the job for a variety of rewards, including credits and fame. Of course, efficient scoundrels will take note of their destination and hopefully drop off some cargo and bounties along the way.

No matter what the job is, it takes specific skills to come out with your life and credits intact. Every pilot has skills listed at the bottom of their card, and as you accumulate crew, they add their own skills to your repertoire. These skills are the tools you’ll use during jobs to make sure you succeed.

Nearly every job features at least one skill test highlighting a specific skill. To perform a skill test, you'll simply roll two dice! These dice are identical to the attack dice included in X-Wing™, and feature two focus sides, three hit sides, one crit side, and two blank sides.

Han Solo is resolving an encounter card that says: “Test Piloting. If you fail, your ship suffers 1 damage.” He rolls two dice and gets one blank and one hit. Since his character card has the Piloting skill, he needs at least one hit or crit to pass. He rolled one hit so he passes and does not suffer any damage.

If you don’t have the skill that's being tested, only rolling a crit will let you pass the test. If you have the skill, a crit or a hit allows you to pass. Finally, if you have the skill twice, you are considered highly skilled and a hit, crit, or focus lets you pass the test. These skill tests can be challenging, and while failure may put you back on the street, success can lead to untold riches, and your story will continue to grow as tales of your feats spread throughout the Outer Rim.

Every job features a list of skills that will be useful to complete it. Boba Fett may be an expert at capturing rogue bounties with tactics and stealth, but Lando Calrissian would be a better participant in a high-stakes game of sabacc with his influence and knowledge. While some jobs simply ask you to perform one skill test to determine success, others are a little more in-depth, like the risky Casino Heist.

Once you've reached Cantonica, you can encounter The Casino Heist to resolve databank card #42. 

The Casino Heist begins when you encounter the job on Cantonica, and the first step is a test of influence to distract a security guard. If you fail, you can still attempt the job during your next turn—after all, you haven’t turned too many heads yet.

If you succeed, you move on to a tech test as you slice into a security system to add a substantial number of credits to your account. Success leads to a final strength test that helps you escape unnoticed, while failure leads to damage and ground combat against the casino’s security force! While this is a harder route, it can still lead to a messy success, rewarding you with 15,000 credits that can upgrade your ship with mods, your own personal gear, luxury items, and more!

Job Security

The Outer Rim represents the edge of known space, where untold dangers await… but for a select few it also represents opportunity—the opportunity to take daring risks, pull off impossible feats, and become rich and famous along the way. Do you have the skills to ascend to legend, or will you be just another face in the Outer Rim?

Find your path to adventure with Outer Rim (SW06), available now for pre-order from your local retailer and releasing on June 13, 2019!

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