29 March 2019 | Star Wars: Destiny

Star Wars™: Destiny Seasonal Play

Introducing a New Design for Star Wars™: Destiny 2019 Season One Open Play

"You will take me to Jabba now."
Luke Skywalker, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

The first Seasonal Kits of 2019 are heading to retailers, and there has never been a better time to take part in Star Wars™: Destiny Organized Play!

With the release of Convergence and the introduction of rotation, the game's Standard card pool is the most accessible it has been in many months. Players everywhere have an abundance of new strategies to explore. New card types have introduced thematic decks built around bounty hunting, lightsaber forms, and traits, such as droid, trooper, Jedi, and Sith.

And now—to top things off—Star Wars: Destiny Organized Play has just become far more inclusive and welcoming!

As we suggested in the article, "The Future of Organized Play," the team at Fantasy Flight Games Organized Play has been working on a series of changes that we'll be rolling out throughout 2019, and these start with the 2019 Season One Kit and its focus on Open Play Nights.

Play More to Earn More

Tournaments and competitive play will always have their place in Star Wars: Destiny Organized Play. However, these events aren't for all players—nor even for competitive players at all times.

There are times when newer players want to join the local gaming community without getting systematically dissected by their opponent's best decks. There are players who might have enough time for a game or two, but not for a full tournament. And there are players who may want to focus on exploring new cards, tricks, and deck types rather than reloading their deadliest arsenals.

In order to make sure all these players can join the Star Wars: Destiny community, we retooled the game's Seasonal Kits to focus on casual Open Play. Retailers can still use the kits to support tournaments—but they do not have to. Instead, the focus is squarely on participation.

To earn the custom cards made available in the game's new Seasonal Kits, you need only do two things:

  1. Show up to your favorite local game store.
  2. Play Star Wars: Destiny.

That's it. For each game you play, you'll earn a check mark on the month's tracking sheet, and each time you check off a complete section, you earn a card.

The 2019 Season One Kit supports three months of Open Play, offering two different extended art cards per month. Play enough games, and you can earn two copies of each card. You can play at whatever pace you want—you can play just one or two games per night, or you and your friends can slam through ten games and earn your copies of the month's promo cards on your first trip to the store.

The beauty of the program lies in its simplicity: you simply need to play more to earn more.

Upgrade Your Gaming Experience

Beguile your opponents. Probe their defenses. Strap on a pair of Mandalorian Vambraces. Blast your opponent's characters with an Umbaran Hover Tank.

When you participate in Star Wars: Destiny Open Play, you're enjoying the game, helping to grow your local community, and earning extended art versions of cards that you can use to upgrade your gaming experience.

Month Card 1 Card 2

Again, you don't have to win any tournament games to earn these cards. You don't even have to play in a tournament. Although, if you do, those tournament games will certainly count toward your Open Play participation!

You Will Be Rewarded

In the "what if" dice-and-card battles of Star Wars: Destiny, you pit your team of iconic Star Wars heroes or villains against whatever combination of characters your opponent may bring. Your options are nearly limitless, and the fast-paced action lends itself perfectly toward thrilling competition.

That said, there's plenty of room to enjoy Star Wars: Destiny, its battles, and all its creative potential in more casual environments as well.

While Star Wars: Destiny Organized Play has historically focused on tournament play with little regard to the more casual players—and while we're giving just as much attention to to Star Wars: Destiny tournament play as ever—we're excited to extend our Open Play Nights to a wider, newer, and more casual audience as well.

You don't have to optimize every dice roll to enjoy Star Wars: Destiny. You don't have to compete in tournaments to make new friends and join the game's community. And you don't have to prepare a counter for every new strategy to be rewarded with some of the galaxy's coolest prizes. You just have to show up, and play.

Come join us for some games of Star Wars: Destiny. Talk to your local retailer to find out when and how you can get started with Organized Play!

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