4 February 2019 | Star Wars: Destiny

Death Marks

Preview Bounties and Other Downgrades in Convergence

"A death mark's not an easy thing to live with."
   –Carlist Rieekan, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

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The Star Wars galaxy is a place of opportunity. With proper training and equipment, a hero can destroy a superweapon, or a villain can embrace their destiny and rule the galaxy. But the galaxy is also fraught with danger: bounties, injuries and more can hamper characters and lead them down a path to failure and defeat.  

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Downgrades are a new card type introduced in Convergence that attach to your opponent’s characters, representing everything from grievous injuries that affect your opponent’s health and dice to bounties that offer an enticing reward when the attached character is defeated. 

The Punishing One

As long as there are credits to be earned, bounty hunters will always have a place in the galaxy. While the Outer Rim is flush with notorious hunters trying to earn a little profit, an elite few have risen above the rabble and established a reputation of perfection. Dengar  (Convergence, 35) is one of these hunters, and he enters Star Wars: Destiny ready to track down any character, dead or alive. Dengar’s die has three different sides that deal damage, and the Ruthless Tracker can also deal one damage to a character with a bounty when he activates. Bounties are a new subtype of downgrades that offer you some reward when the attached character is defeated, such as the card draw featured on Death Mark (Convergence, 39). And embracing bounties is a theme you'll find throughout this bounty hunter's cards, not only with Dengar himself, but with the equipment he uses to hunt down his quarries.

The Punishing One  (Convergence, 48) is Dengar’s signature ship, and you can ready this ship when a character with a bounty is brought in. Dengar knows his ship better than anyone, and he can immediately activate Punishing One when this happens, ready to track down more prey. With three damage-dealing sides, harnessing the power of the Punishing One is a sure way to bring in your bounties.

Of course sometimes the hunt requires a more personal touch. Dengar’s Fire Blade (Convergence, 50) is a weapon that automatically deals one damage to any character with a bounty when it enters the field. While it is a damaging weapon in its own right, it also synergizes well with Dengar, letting you turn the bounty hunter’s die to any side showing a one, including his melee damage which can be modified with the Fire Blade’s massive melee damage modifier.

While these upgrades encourage you to stack your deck with bounties, these downgrades do far more than just synergize with Dengar. For example,  Enticing Reward  (Convergence, 40) is a bounty with a massive reward for bringing in your prey. While Dengar’s Fire Blade is an expensive upgrade, Enticing Reward lets you bypass that cost, letting you play any equipment or weapon from your hand or discard pile for free when you defeat the attached character. The more expensive weapons you have, the more value Enticing Reward gains, perhaps even letting you gain the legendary Darksaber  (Way of the Force, 142) as a reward for your bounty!

Shackles and Scars

Bounties aren’t the only type of downgrade featured in Convergence, either. Abilities, injuries and equipment can hamper your opponent’s characters, and give you the edge in a duel.

Mind Extraction  (Convergence, 5) is a Blue villain downgrade that puts your opponent in a difficult situation. While Mind Extraction is attached to a character, they lose all of their non-special abilities. This essentially blanks characters like Thrawn  (Empire at War, 4), negating their primary effectiveness. However, getting rid of Mind Extraction is also a tax, forcing you to exhaust the attached character and giving up on their dice for a turn. If you can spot an essential character that has been enhanced with upgrades, Mind Extraction can halt your opponent’s momentum as they are forced to deal with its effect in one way or another.

While Mind Extraction is a direct effect on your opponent’s character, Secrets Laid Bare  (Convergence, 105) takes a more subtle approach. Any time the attached character is activated your opponent reveals three random cards from their hand. At no cost, Secrets Laid Bare is a low-risk play that can give you vital information during the battle.

These downgrades are building blocks for a deck featuring Asajj Ventress, Swift and Cunning  (Convergence, 1). With three damage sides, Ventress can constantly attack your opponent, and if those opponents have a downgrade attached, Ventress can further disrupt your opponent’s plans by discarding a card to remove one of their character or upgrade dice. With the ability to both deal massive damage and remove dice, Asajj Ventress is one of the most dangerous characters in Convergence.

The duels of the Star Wars galaxy take their toll, victory doesn’t come without a cost and characters can become injured in search of their destiny. Hampered  (Convergence, 121) restricts the attached character to only resolving one of their character dice during a turn, and that die cannot be modified. Even an elite Darth Vader  (Across the Galaxy, 1) can fall to the Hampered downgrade, severely limiting his utility as one of his terrifying dice becomes useless.

These downgrades are powerful, and if played early can impact the entire game. Luckily, Convergence also features answers to this new card type. Unshackle  (Convergence, 167) is a one-cost event that simply allows you to discard a downgrade. With the Ambush keyword, you can quickly unshackle your character and get them right back in the action, negating any penalty the downgrade inflicted or denying your opponent an enticing bounty.

Convergence of Power

Downgrades add a new dynamic to Star Wars: Destiny, letting you affect your opponent’s characters in brand-new ways. Through careful play, you can give your own characters an edge in the epic duels of the Star Wars galaxy. Will you discover your destiny when Convergence releases in the first quarter of 2019?

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