The God of Thunder

Announcing the Thor Hero Pack and Game Mat for Marvel Champions: The Card Game


“None may touch the mighty Thor so without paying the price!”
   –Thor, Thor #337

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Stories of the Gods of Asgard have been passed down from generation to generation. Beings of extreme splendor and majesty, these Gods wield immense power. With a clash of Thunder, the citizens of Earth learned that these Gods are real, and one has taken up his hammer as a defender of Midgard!

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the Thor Hero Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game!

This deck introduces the God of Thunder to Marvel Champions. With Mjolnir in hand, Thor is an aggressive hero who can dispatch minions with ease. Best of all, this pack includes a full deck ready for use right out of the gate, a nemesis set featuring the trickster God Loki, and several additional basic and aspect cards to increase your deckbuilding options!

Bring the Thunder

To challenge a God is a foolish endeavor for any mere mortal, even more so when that God is the mighty Thor (Thor, 1A). A skilled combatant who lives for the glory of battle, you draw two cards when he engages a minion, giving him more fuel to unleash powerful attacks. Better yet, with 14 hit points, Thor can take on all comers and come out unscathed.

But should he need to recover or prepare for the coming battles, he can always become Odinson (Thor, 1B) to call forth the legendary hammer Mjolnir (Thor, 9) and recover some valuable hit points. With Mjolnir in hand, Thor gains the Aerial trait and can easily defeat any minions foolish enough to challenge him.

Or perhaps Thor can challenge them. Defender of the Nine Realms (Thor, 3) sees Thor searching for a worthy foe while removing threat from a scheme along the way. If this minion is the first one you’ve engaged with this round, you’ll also get to use Thor’s ability, putting Thor in the perfect position to smash his enemies to pieces.

For example, a well timed Defender of the Nine Realms can provide a Hammer Throw (Thor, 5), a massive attack utilizing Mjolnir. While 8 damage may seem like too much to deal with a small minion engaged with him, the Overkill ability ensures the attack is never wasted.  

With a thirst for battle, Thor and his allies are perfect for the Aggression aspect. With the strength of a God, Hercules (Thor, 11) shares Thor’s love of a fight, and the more minions you are facing, the easier it is to have Hercules share in the revelry.

If you need even more assistance, Valkyrie (Thor, 12), the shieldmaiden of Asgard, can immediately defeat most minions when she enters play. If that still doesn’t do the job, Valkyrie’s two attack can cut enemies down to size in no time!

These allies and more fill out the rest of the pre-constructed Thor deck included in the pack. With the strength of a God and the power of Thunder, Thor can tear through your enemies and go toe-to-toe with the most iconic villains in the Marvel Universe!

Sibling Rivalry

Even Gods have their flaws. For all of Thor’s bravado and strength, his arrogance can still get the better of him. It was this pride that pushed Thor to incur Odin's Anger (Thor, 26) and prove his worth to wield Mjolnir. This can happen at the worst times in Marvel Champions: The Card Game and force Thor to face his inner demons or lose Mjolnir in the heat of battle.

But this isn’t Thor’s only ghost of the past. Despite his best efforts, Thor can never really be rid of his brother, the trickster God Loki (Thor, 28). Should you be unfortunate enough to encounter Loki during your games of Marvel Champions, you can never be sure you’ve actually defeated him or if you’ve simply enabled him to continue his schemes until you reveal a card from the encounter deck.

Despite his immense strength, the God of Thunder has his own demons to confront, can he overpower them and become the hero the Marvel Universe needs?

As with the other Hero Packs, the Thor Hero Pack also introduces three copies of one new card for each of the other three aspects to increase your deckbuilding options. Teamwork (Thor, 32) lets you use your allies attack and thwart powers without damaging them, instead adding their power to your own heroes! Through Teamwork, you can keep your allies around longer while taking the fight to the villain!

The Tools of a God

Embody the God of Thunder himself with the Thor Game Mat for Marvel Champions: The Card Game!

This 24x12 slip-resistant game mat gives you plenty of space for your hero’s deck, identity card, upgrades, supports, and more while showing off beautiful art of Thor storming into action! Show your dedication to becoming a hero with the Thor Game Mat at your side!

Discover the Future

Unlike other Living Card Games, Marvel Champions will not be produced in fixed, six-pack cycles of packs, although it will continue to deliver monthly content. This content will differ from month to month between new hero packs, new scenario packs, and new story boxes. So what’s coming next for Marvel Champions?

You can expect the release of the Thor Hero Pack currently planned for March to be followed by three hero packs. This will all lead up to the first campaign expansion for Marvel Champions: The Card Game, which will feature both new heroes and new scenarios for players to tackle. 

A brief look at the future of Marvel Champions. As always, the above dates are estimates. 

For those keeping track, that puts our tentative release schedule for the Thor pack and beyond as follows:

  • Thor Hero Pack: March
  • Hero Pack: April
  • Hero Pack: May
  • Hero Pack: June
  • Story Box: July 

Please keep in mind that these dates are our best estimate of release, and can be subject to change. As these products are announced and released, Fantasy Flight Games will continually update you on what you can expect next, so keep an eye on our website!

Call the Thunder

When the God of Thunder enters the fray, even the most iconic Marvel Villains take notice. For the glory of battle, Thor can defeat armies of minions with the might Mjolnir at his side. Will you harness the power of the God of Thunder when the Thor Hero Pack releases in the first quarter of 2020?

For a closer look at the Thor Hero Pack, be sure to checkout our YouTube page to see the God of Thunder team up with Captain America and Ms. Marvel to take on the Green Goblin!

Call down the Thunder with the Thor Hero Pack (MC06en), available now for pre-order from your local retailer or our website with free shipping within the continental United States! 

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