18 December 2019 | Star Wars: Destiny

Flying Among the Stars

Preview Piloting in Covert Missions

“I’m going to be a pilot, best in the galaxy.”
  –Han Solo, Solo: A Star Wars Story

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Even children growing up on the backwater worlds of the galaxy dream of becoming pilots. To escape their lives, make a fortune, or bring down a galactic empire. Pilots have single handily changed the course of destiny, whether by destroying superweapons or making the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs.

Join us today as we preview piloting in Covert Missions, a new set of boosters for Star Wars™: Destiny.

Covert Missions introduces 160-new cards to Star Wars: Destiny that place an emphasis on alternate win conditions, pirates, apprentices, and the pilots that can shape the destiny of the galaxy!

Ghosts in the Sky

In the early days of the Rebellion, Spectre Cell ignited a spark of hope that would eventually lead to the destruction of the Galactic Empire, and they make their return in Covert Missions!

Hera Syndulla  (Covert Missions, 70) showcases the new Piloting keyword found in Covert Missions, essentially coupling her to a vehicle that can be referenced by other cards. Hera herself possesses one of these abilities, letting you spend two resources to ready the vehicle she is piloting!

Hera can pilot any vehicle you control, but she works particularly well with the new version of the Ghost (Covert Missions, 83), a vehicle with heavy firepower that lets you ready a Spectre when it enters play, and provides plenty of protection to its pilot in the form of additional shields!

But Hera isn’t the only Spectre who can pilot the Ghost. Sabine Wren (Covert Missions, 89) is a resourceful character who grows stronger when you have a blue die, a red die, and another yellow die in your pool. If she pilots the Ghost, you’re already at an advantage with a red die, and Sabine can give it a Custom Paint Job ( Covert Missions, 101) to shore up the color scheme of her tools!

While Sabine gains advantages from the Ghost, she can of course pilot her own customized TIE Fighter (Covert Missions, 100). Though the TIE Fighter belongs to Sabine, it grants additional benefits to any Spectre willing to pilot it!

With all these new tools, the Spectre Cell (Covert Missions, 104) is stronger than ever, and with this plot, you can make even more room on your team for your friends and allies. 

A Sense of Duty

As the Rebel Alliance rose on the strength of pilots, so too did the First Order.  Elrik Vonreg ( Covert Missions, 22) is an ace pilot, striking fear into all who spot his ship on the battlefield. Any ship with Vonreg piloting it is immune to having its dice removed by your opponent’s effects, keeping them safe until you are ready to resolve them. And with three damage dealing sides, Vonreg is a dangerous character even without a Vehicle.

However, should he pilot his iconic TIE Interceptor (Covert Missions, 31), he gains additional advantages. Namely, Vonreg's TIE Interceptor has the ability to destroy your opponent’s vehicles by removing the its die. With Vonreg at the helm of his ship, no vehicle is safe from the fury of the First Order.

Not every pilot can be the best in the galaxy, but luckily quantity can be just as effective as quality. The Galactic Empire and their Imperial Navy was filled with pilots ready to fight for the Emperor. Adding an Imperial Pilot (Covert Missions, 24) to your team gives you access to piloting for only 6 points. Though the Pilot lacks a die, they can still manipulate your red vehicle die by turning it to a side of your choice. If you need consistency in your dice, there are few better options than some of the Imperial Academy's finest pilots.

Of course, not every battle goes according to plan, and should your vehicles fail you, a pilot can always Eject (Covert Missions, 149) to both recover some health and gain a few shields in the process. This can grant a character extended life, and give your team the boost they need to defeat their enemies.

Pilots can gain additional advantages throughout Covert Missions. Having a piloted vehicle gives you access to Assail (Covert Missions, 117), one of the best removal cards in the game. If you still want access to these cards without putting a natural Pilot on your team, you can always make one of your characters Licensed to Fly (Covert Missions, 128) to give anyone on the field the Pilot trait and Piloting ability!

To the Stars

Becoming a pilot is a path to adventure in the Star Wars galaxy. Whether it’s to fight for freedom, the glory of an empire, or just to make a profit, pilots hold the key to their own destiny. Will you join their ranks when Covert Missions releases this January?

Take to the stars with Covert Missions (SWD19a), available now for pre-order from your local retailer or our website with free shipping in the continental United States! 

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