The Royal Award Ceremony

The Results from the 2019 October World Championships


"No one's ever really gone."
   –Luke Skywalker, Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Recently, hundreds of players from all over the world converged at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium in Saint Paul, Minnesota to compete in the 2019 October World Championships. Over the course of five days, iconic Star Wars™​ characters clashed in epic duels and ace pilots dispatched rival squadrons among the stars, as players took part in a spirited competition packed with thrilling battles.

The Star Wars galaxy was celebrated in style during the 2019 October World Championships and players who achieved greatness through victory were decorated with a wide assortment of prizes. Even those who faced defeat were rewarded for showing true bravery while facing off against formidable forces. To everyone who came out and made this event so special, thank you! We sincerely hope that you enjoyed the experience.

In the end, two incredible players met the challenge and rose to the top. Now that the World Championships have concluded, we must take a moment to recognize our two new champions. 

Andrew Rothermel (United States) led his trio of heroic droids—R2-D2, C-3PO, and Chopper—to victory in the Star Wars™: Destiny World Championship! Though a somewhat unassuming bunch, these three loyal companions proved their mettle every step of the way until the final table, where they faced off against the dastardly General Grievous and his group of villainous droids. In victory, Andrew claimed the title of World Champion.

Oliver Pocknell (United Kingdom) expertly commanded his three Imperial aces to seize victory in the Star Wars™: X-Wing World Championship! In a dramatic finale, Oliver suffered a massive setback through losing Darth Vader in an early engagement, but in an amazing showcase of willpower and skill, Oliver guided his two remaining aces through a perilous dogfight with the overwhelming forces of the Rebellion and managed to come out on top.

Congratulations, Andrew and Oliver! You've earned it! Now it's time to take a look back and share some notable statistics from these two World Championship events.

Star Wars: Destiny

Star Wars: X-Wing

A Parting Gift

Once again, congratulations to our new World Champions, Andrew Rothermel and Oliver Pocknell! Thank you to everyone who came out to compete in the 2019 October World Championships and a special thank you to the streamers, judges, community contributors, and everyone else who made these events possible! It's an absolute privilege to host events like these for players like you.

You may find this year's streamed matches, including the finals of both Star Wars: Destiny and Star Wars: X-Wing, archived on our Twitch or YouTube pages. For now, make sure to stay tuned for more Organized Play news and updates. Until next time, may the Force be with you!


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