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Preview the Villains of Marvel Champions: The Card Game Core Set 


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Get rich, destroy the city, take over the world. Every villain has their own signature plan and goals. But they all have one thing in common: crushing anyone who dares get in their way! Only one thing can stand up to the heroic might of a Marvel hero: the pure greed and power of a Marvel villain!

Join us today as we preview the villains and schemes found in the Marvel Champions: The Card Game Core Set!

Each of the three villains included in the Core Set provides a unique challenge, and each can be customized further with modular encounter sets and increased difficulty! Do you have what it takes to thwart some of the most dangerous villains of the Marvel Universe in Marvel Champions: The Card Game

The Rampaging Beast

It’s recommended you begin your journey in Marvel Champions by taking down Rhino  (Core Set, 94) and his scheme (Core Set, 97B) to attack a S.H.I.E.L.D facility. Rhino is a straightforward villain, making him the perfect first challenge for your group of heroes.

Rhino's first stage doesn’t have any special abilities, but Rhino II (Core Set, 95) will add the Breakin' and Takin'  (Core Set, 107) scheme to the field, forcing your heroes to divide their attention. If you’re playing in expert mode, you may have to deal with Rhino III (Core Set, 96), who will immediately stun every hero on the field!

While not exactly a master schemer, Rhino’s damage output is second to none, and your heroes will have to be cautious when trying to take him down, lest they end up knocked out flat on their backs from cards like Stampede  (Core Set, 106)! Not to mention cards like “I’m Tough!” (Core Set, 105) make Rhino even harder to take down, letting him soak an attack before you even begin to deplete his hit points! But this rampaging beast won’t be the only thing to worry about. He’s also recruited villains like Shocker (Core Set, 103) and Sandman (Core Set, 102) to assist him in his devious schemes!

All three villains in the Core Set—including Rhino—will have a set of cards to tie their decks together. The standard encounter set give each villain basic but potent abilities. Assault (Core Set, 187) gives villains like Rhino an additional opportunity to bring the hurt, while Advance (Core Set, 186) can further a villain’s schemes. A hero’s worst nightmare manifests in Shadow of the Past (Core Set, 190), currently the only way in the game for your hero’s nemesis minion to enter the game!

While not the smartest villain in the world, Rhino’s pure strength makes him a threat to any Marvel champion, do you have what it takes to bring him down?

The Devious Schemer

You might feel confident after taking down Rhino, but that doesn’t mean you’re ready to thwart the deadly Klaw  (Core Set, 113). Using Hard Sound Constructs, Klaw’s attacks are enhanced by an additional boost card during the villain phase! While this may make his attacks inconsistent, he has the potential to knock out a hero with a single attack if you aren’t careful. This ability will serve him well in his scheme (Core Set, 116B) to run an underground criminal weapon enterprise! If you manage to defeat Klaw’s first stage, you’ll have to deal with Klaw II (Core Set, 114), this time with The "Immortal" Klaw (Core Set, 127) in play, boosting his hit point total! Not only will you have to deal with additional damage from Klaw’s multiple boost cards, but cards like Sonic Boom (Core Set, 123) will provide additional nasty effects, setting your team of heroes back even further.

If that wasn’t bad enough, you may be unlucky enough to come face to face with The Masters of Evil (Core Set, 128)! Klaw can call on help from villains like Whirlwind (Core Set, 130) and Melter (Core Set, 132), putting even more pressure on the heroes during their turn! Just dealing with Klaw was bad enough, but squaring off with a whole team of villains brings the challenge to a whole new level!

The Overwhelming Swarm

The final villain in the Marvel Champions: The Card Game Core Set will be the ultimate challenge. A rogue AI created by Hank Pym, Ultron  (Core Set, 134) is one of the Marvel Universe’s deadliest foes. The robot’s bloodlust is only the beginning, any group of heroes can find themselves quickly outnumbered by the murderous robot. After all, to defy Ultron’s scheme is to face down his army of Ultron Drones (Core Set, 140), turning a player’s own deck of cards against them. Should you defeat Ultron’s first stage, you’ll have to deal with Ultron II (Core Set, 135) whose drones increase his efficiency, letting him hit pesky heroes for big damage.

What's more, many of Ultron’s tools revolve around increasing the efficiency of his army of drones. Upgraded drones makes each individual drone twice as deadly, and should they coalesce into a Swarm Attack (Core Set, 147), they can spell disaster for your team of champions.

Perhaps you’ll have to tangle with Ultron’s Imperative (Core Set, 150), which can quickly put more drones on the field when you least expect it. Or maybe an Advanced Ultron Drone (Core Set, 143) will show up, protecting Ultron while soaking up damage from your heroes. With an army of drone minions, is it even possible to stop Ultron before it’s too late? 

A World Without Heroes

Each of these villains presents a fresh new challenge for your group of heroes. From the pure power of Rhino to the devious machinations of Klaw to the swarming violence of Ultron, the world is in danger. Can you step up to the plate and defeat these villains before they accomplish their schemes? Find out when Marvel Champions: The Card Game Core Set releases on November 1st!

Defeat the world’s most dangerous villains in the Marvel Champions: The Card Game Core Set (MC01en), available now for pre-order from your local retailer or our website with free shipping in the continental United States! 


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