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Announcing a Pre-order Promo Item for Arkham Horror Third Edition


“I know of books so powerful, they can rewrite reality.”
–Daisy Walker

Today, we’re proud to launch pre-orders for the next incarnation of the classic game of pulp action and Lovecraftian horror: Arkham Horror Third Edition. Whether you’re a veteran investigator or this is your first trip to the streets of Arkham, you’ll enter an exciting world of danger and eldritch mystery threatened by ancient beings from beyond space and time that defy all imagining.

This world is full of ancient tomes, filled with forbidden knowledge. Now, we’re happy to announce another volume that can deepen your understanding of the arcane world of Arkham: the Arkham Horror Third Edition Deluxe Rulebook, a special pre-order promo item for Arkham Horror Third Edition!

As of 10/23, the Arkham Horror Third Edition Deluxe Rulebook is officially sold out! However, you can still pre-order Arkham Horror Third Edition  here!

Forgotten Lore

With the Arkham Horror Third Edition Deluxe Rulebook, you’ll receive both the Learn to Play and the Rules Reference from the retail version of the game bound together into a premium hardback book. Not only will this book act as your guide as you attempt to unravel arcane mysteries and conspiracies, it also vividly explores the lore surrounding your investigations in Arkham.

The book delves into the rich history of each of Arkham’s neighborhoods, providing a rich backdrop to every game. It also introduces you to two of the game's newest investigators with two full-length short stories that invite you to confront the madness of Arkham through their eyes! Finally, the Deluxe Rulebook also contains a four-page foreword written by the original Arkham Horror designer, Richard Launius, offering even greater insight into the evolution of Arkham Horror and the Arkham Horror Files series of games.

If you’re interested in receiving one of these Arkham Horror Third Edition Deluxe Rulebooks, there are two easy ways for you to get your copy while supplies last! You can pre-order Arkham Horror Third Edition on our website—everyone who pre-orders at least one copy of Arkham Horror Third Edition on the Fantasy Flight Games website will receive a copy of the Deluxe Rulebook for free with their order!

Alternatively, you can talk to your local retailer about getting an Arkham Horror Third Edition Deluxe Rulebook with your pre-order. Retailers should reach out to their distributors for more information about the Arkham Horror Third Edition Deluxe Rulebook.

Pre-order your copy of Arkham Horror Third Edition (AHB01) at your local retailer or online through our website today. As of 12 p.m. CST on 10/23, the Arkham Horror Third Edition Deluxe Rulebook is officially sold out!

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