1 June 2018 | Star Wars: Destiny

Upgraded Weaponry

See the Prizes You Can Win in 2018 Star Wars™: Destiny Season Two Organized Play

"Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid."
     –Han Solo, Star Wars: A New Hope

In Star Wars™: Destiny, a good blaster can save the day. But so can a lightsaber, an AT-ST, a Bubble Shield, or a Resistance Bomber. Even a clever tactic or shrewd use of the Force can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Games are so fast, after all, that you want to take full advantage of every action—and ensure that each action you take works into your larger plan.

Now that the 2018 Star Wars: Destiny World Championships have concluded and we've seen Edwin Chen claim the title of World Champion, we have a good idea of what the best decks are in the current metagame. However, that metagame is always changing, and no deck is without its weaknesses. As Edwin's strategy and his pairing of Kylo Ren and Anakin Skywalker gains traction among the larger community, we're bound to see decks that are specifically designed to stop it.

Where will we find those decks? We'll see them surface first during the Organized Play events of 2018 Season Two.

2018 Season Two is nearly here, and it's your chance to test new strategies, try new character combinations, and experience the shifting metagame first-hand. It may be your chance to make use of the new cards with the upcoming release of Way of the Force Booster Packs. And it's certainly your chance to win new prizes.

Modified Blaster

In addition to helping you find more places to play, more players to meet, and more opportunities to play, Star Wars: Destiny Organized Play offers you the chance to win prizes you can use to upgrade your deck. Stunning full-bleed cards, cards featuring alternate pieces of art, and custom acrylic tokens that lend new visual and tactile elements to your game experience.

More than this, these prizes aren't reserved only for the top winners at Organized Play events. They're rewarded generously enough that even newer players may walk away with them after their first Organized Play events. Each 2018 Season Two Kit contains prize support for up to sixteen players, including an alternate art card for the Top 16 players at any Clash of Fates tournament, plus additional Elite Prize Cards and Elite Prize Items for the Top 4 participants.

Top 16

The coolest prizes aren't always reserved for the winners, and the alternate art version of Quick Draw made available to the Top 16 players at each Clash of Fates event serves credence to this idea.

The action-packed artwork by Caroline Gariba will immerse you in the game's fast-paced battles—and put you in the mindset to use the card's ability to "cheat" an action by playing a weapon on your character and activating the character on the same turn.

This puts you one step closer to resolving your dice for damage, defeating your opponent's characters, and winning the game. And in Star Wars: Destiny, every step counts!

The 2018 Star Wars: Destiny Season Two Kit contains seventeen copies of the alternate art Quick Draw. While sixteen are intended for players, the seventeenth is intended for the event organizer to keep or distribute at his or her discretion.

Elite Prize Card

Make the Top 4 at a Clash of Fates event, and you'll earn either an Elite Prize Card or an Elite Prize Item. These are handed out according to player choice, awarded in order from first to fourth.

If you choose to claim one of the 2018 Season Two Elite Prize Cards, you'll walk out the door with a start toward an overwhelming army of Battle Droids.

Although your Battle Droids pose relatively insignificant threats on their own, they combine together well—piling damage on top of damage… on top of more damage. And because they take damage rather quickly, too, these alternate art Battle Droids feature card backs that show the droids defeated—reduced to grayscale versions of their active selves.

Each 2018 Season Two Kit contains three copies of this alternate art Battle Droid—two for players and one for the event organizer.

Elite Prize Item

Few things from the Star Wars galaxy carry an implication of strength and resilience so much as a suit of Mandalorian armor. Traditionally made from the durable metal known as beskar, suits of Mandalorian armor could survive even blaster fire, and some suits of Mandalorian armor might function for hundreds of years.

Accordingly, the acrylic shield tokens you'll find in the 2018 Season Two Kit have been designed to look like a Mandalorian helmet—and while these shield tokens might not protect your characters for hundreds of years, they may still inspire awe and dread in your opponents.

Each 2018 Season Two Kit contains two of these Elite Prize Item sets. Each set contains six shield tokens.

Raise Your Defenses

It's never wise to lower your defenses in the middle of combat, so look for new ways to arm your characters or shield them with the prizes from the 2018 Season Two Kit.

The second season of Star Wars: Destiny Organized Play is coming soon, so talk to your local game store today about getting involved!

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