The Way of the Force

Learn What Lies Ahead for Star Wars™: The Card Game Organized Play

"Twilight is upon me and soon night must fall. That is the way of things… the way of the Force."

Twilight is upon us, and night must fall. But there's still time to complete your training. There's still time to reach out and feel the Force. There's still time to participate in Star Wars™: The Card Game Organized Play.

For months, the Alliances cycle has given you the chance to explore the possibilities inherent in decks with two or more affiliations. New affiliation cards have encouraged more creative designs. We've seen powerful units from the original trilogy joined by the most recognizable characters from Rogue One and Marvel's Darth Vader comics. And soon, as we announced in January, Promise of Power will bring the cycle—and the game—to their climactic conclusions.

That means the 2018 May World Championships will see the game's final World Championships… but they will not see the game's last event. There is another. In fact, there are several more:

  • 2018 Season One Organized Play
  • 2018 World Championships
  • 2018 European Championships at UK Game Expo
  • 2018 North American Championships at Gen Con Indy

2018 Season One Organized Play

As players everywhere are well aware, the Alliances cycle has been unleashing a fantastic array of deck design options, and experimenting with all the new designs will take you at least a full season. That means there's plenty of reason to keep diving deeper into the game's Organized Play events, to meet up with your friends, unleash the power of your Sith, coordinate your Rebellion, or grip the galaxy so tight with your Imperial Navy that you choke the hope right out of the Rebel upstarts!

Of course, the arrival of a new season of Organized Play heralds the arrival of new prizes, and the prizes for the season's Twist of Fate tournaments feature a wealth of cards and tokens designed to inspire fear in your opponents… and help you master your own fear.

Among the prizes, you'll find an alternate view of the Empire, a riveting look at an assassin droid in action, and a chance to focus with all the strength of a Jedi. Best yet, the prizes cover all of the Top 16 places at each event, meaning you don't even have to make the top tables to claim your share!

  • Top 16: Alternate art Rule by Fear. Fear doesn't just keep the local systems in line; it allows the Empire to establish the control and stability with which it can create prosperity for all. Celebrate the Empire and its influence throughout the galaxy—and quash Rebel insurgency—with this alternate art Doctrine enhancement.
  • Elite Prize Card: Alternate art IG-88B. Arguably the deadliest assassin droid ever designed, IG-88 earned both a fortune and a fearsome reputation through his work as a bounty hunter. And you'll see him in all his merciless, metallic glory with this alternate art version of IG-88B from The Droid Revolution objective set (Solo's Command, 188-1)!
  • Elite Prize Item: Set of acrylic Jedi tokens. If you hope to confront the Imperial war machine, there are two things you'll want—Jedi to aid you, and this set of custom acrylic tokens. With their brown Jedi symbols painted atop a translucent, frosted base, these generic tokens serve perfectly as your shield or focus tokens.

2018 World Championships

As the final World Championships for Star Wars: The Card Game, the 2018 World Championships promise to be an epic event. There will be one final tournament. Climactic confrontations between Jedi and Sith, between Imperials and Rebels—all leading toward one final Champion. One final legacy.

Two-time Star Wars: The Card Game World Champion Mick Cipra with his 2017 World Champion trophy.

Will you be the one to claim this final World Champion title and the glory and prizes that go with it? If so, you'll need to apply for your ticket by February 21st. You'll also need to stay on top of the new Alliances cycle metagame, refine your deck, hone your instincts, and learn both patience and control. This is a game, after all, in which players jostle back and forth, trying to tease their opponents into making a slight mistake—any misplay that can open a defensive gap—and then you pounce, striking with lightsabers, Stormtroopers, Droids, Star Destroyers, Ewoks, and anything and everything that might pile on the pressure.

While all this year's World Championship participants will enjoy a wealth of custom prizes, only one will go on to become the Champion, and while that player will not be able to help design a card for a future product, he or she will still be able to work with developers to design a card—a prize card that can be slotted as a replacement into any objective set.

Additionally, the 2018 World Champion will receive a seat, flight, and accommodations to the 2019 World Championships for the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars game of his or her choice.

There's nothing that can directly replace the sweeping, orchestral scope of Star Wars: The Card Game, nor its edge battles, or the back-and-forth dance as players seek the moment to commit their forces in full. But the Star Wars galaxy is a vast place, full of the possibility for adventure. The Star Wars saga continues. And a player as skilled as the Star Wars: The Card Game World Champion will likely be able to convert his or her skills toward success in the duels of Star Wars™: Destiny, the dogfights of X-Wing, the epic fleet battles of Star Wars™: Armada, the tense skirmishes of Star Wars™: Imperial Assault, or the heated infantry battles of Star Wars™: Legion.

Finally, because there will be no Star Wars™: The Card Game National Championships in 2018, any World Championship attendees who present their 2018 Star Wars: The Card Game National Championship bye cards will be able to redeem them for an amazing playmat—one that boldly embodies the power and wonder that reside at the heart of Fantasy Flight Games Organized Play in the Star Wars universe!

2018 European and North American Championships

After all the action of Season One, there are two final shots at top-tier comeptitive play for the aspiring Jedi, Sith, generals, admirals, and crime lords on either side of the Atlantic.

  • The 2018 European Championships will run June 2nd – June 3rd at the UK Games Expo in Birmingham.
  • The 2018 North American Championships will take place at Gen Con Indy.

As the final competitive events for Star Wars: The Card Game, the 2018 European and North American Championships will echo throughout the galaxy—and throughout the ages. Join with the game's other die-hard fans, and try to conquer them one last time!

Like the other European and North American Championship events, these will offer their Champions the chance to work with the Organized Play team to select a card to receive an alternate art treatment. This card can be chosen from one of the other Star Wars games supported by Fantasy Flight Games Organized Play.

Like the 2018 Star Wars: The Card Game World Champion, the 2018 European Champion and 2018 North American Champion will earn a seat, travel, and accommodations for the 2019 World Championship tournaments for the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars games of their choice.

Additionally, participants in the 2018 European and North American Championships can redeem their Star Wars: The Card Game National Championship bye cards for the same playmat available at the World Championships.

Finally, as a thank you to all the players who have supported Star Wars: The Card Game through the years, we will award a special participation prize to all attendees at the 2018 European and North American Championships—two copies each of a selection of champion cards. Like the card design inspired by the 2018 Star Wars: The Card Game World Champion, these cards will be able to slot into any objective set. We know the most dedicated of you will continue to play and enjoy the game for years to come, and these cards will ensure you have plenty of reason to continue experimenting with and enjoying the possibilities afforded by new decks and tactics!

Wage Your Own Galactic Civil War

With its iconic characters and starships, its fast-paced and tactical battles, and its far-ranging scope, Star Wars: The Card Game has long allowed you the freedom to imagine new chapters and struggles in the Star Wars galaxy.

This is a game in which you can launch a fleet of Star Destroyers, train a new age of Jedi, and fight for the fate of the galaxy. With Star Wars: The Card Game, you and your opponents have been able to wage your own chapters of the Galactic Civil War, and there's still time to explore all the galaxy has to hold within the auspices of Organized Play.

We hope you'll enjoy your games at your favorite game store. We hope to see you at the UK Games Expo or Gen Con Indy. We offer you our deepest thanks for your participation in this great game. And remember—the Force will be with you. Always.

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