31 October 2018 | Star Wars: Destiny

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Preview Vehicles and Mods in Across the Galaxy

"You came in that thing? You're braver than I thought."
   –Princess Leia, Star Wars: A New Hope

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The vehicles of the Star Wars saga are nearly as iconic as the heroes and villains spread across the galaxy. Vehicles like the Millennium Falcon and Black One reflect their owners—and with modifications like smuggling compartments in an inconspicuous freighter, a loyal R2 unit to keep your ship in the sky, or a little additional firepower on your landspeeder, you can craft the perfect vessel to take you across the galaxy.

In the game, mods are essentially upgrades for your supports, letting you roll out multiple dice or providing other abilities when you activate the attached card. In Across the Galaxy, mods are exclusively attached to vehicles, letting you customize some of the most famous ships in the Star Wars saga!

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Happy Beeps

Both the Rebel Alliance and the Resistance used droids to assist their pilots in daring missions against the Empire and the First Order. One of the most prolific of these droids is BB-8  (Across the Galaxy, 84), who gets a new version in Across the Galaxy! BB-8 is fully capable of acting outside the cockpit with a die showing three focus symbols, but as an Action, he can take his place as a mod in any of your vehicles! If that vehicle happens to be Poe Dameron's Black One, you get to ready it, preparing for a second attack run with the support of BB-8!

While this of course works with the Awakenings  (Awakenings, 32) version of Poe Dameron’s signature vehicle, BB-8 can also ready a brand new version of  Black One  (Across the Galaxy, 85) found in Across the Galaxy! in fact, BB-8 can give this version an even bigger boost. With BB-8 (or another droid) attached, you can use the special to deal one damage to a character, and reroll Black One’s die instead of removing it from the pool You can even guarantee that you hit the special symbol if you can spot Poe Dameron  (Two-Player Starter, 25).

A generation before Poe and Black One took the fight to the First Order, the Rebel Alliance faced impossible odds against the Galactic Empire. With some special modifications and the power of the Force, this scrappy band of warriors destroy two dreaded Death Stars.

One of the pilots brave enough to try and take down the first Death Star was none other than  Biggs Darklighter, Rebellion Ace  (Across the Galaxy, 72), and he takes his place as an equally daring pilot in Star Wars: Destiny. After you activate Biggs, you may immediately activate one of your vehicle supports, then reroll any number of that vehicle’s support and mod dice! Not only does this net you an extra action during your turn, but you get a second chance to roll in any dice that aren’t to your liking. The more mods your vehicles have on them, the more effective Biggs becomes!

Not every mod adds extra dice—uncommon and common mods add additional benefits. The R2 Astromech  (Across the Galaxy, 88) is one of the most iconic mods in Across the Galaxy, and it doesn’t need a die to make an impact. For the cost of two resources and an Action, you can simply ready the attached vehicle. It goes without saying that the better die your vehicle has, the more effective an R2 Astromech mod can be. And if you gain additional benefits from activating the support, as in the case of the  Millennium Falcon  (Luke Skywalker Starter, 52), you can benefit from that ability multiple times per round!

There are also plenty of cards that spot mods in Across the Galaxy, providing even more support for a deck focused on upgrading vehicles. Outgun  (Across the Galaxy, 81) is a powerful removal tool if you’re playing a deck with plenty of mods, letting you remove dice equal to your number of mods. With some careful planning, you can wipe out your opponent’s best dice before rolling out a fleet of vehicles!

Special Modifications

While mods are often Red as the various armies of the Star Wars galaxy modify their vehicles for an edge in combat, scoundrels and scum also need some extra firepower on their vehicles when things get hairy.

Ketsu Onyo’s ship, the Shadow Caster  (Across the Galaxy, 145) has one of the best dice in the game, with four sides showing massive damage. The downside is the resource cost: to deal six ranged damage, you'll need to spend three resources. However, the more dangerous and modified the Shadow Caster is, the more efficient it becomes. In fact, the resource cost on every side of its die is reduced by one for every mod on the vehicle. Obviously, this allows you to resolve the Shadow Caster's die at a discount, but can also provide additional benefits based on the mods. For example, a Targeting Astromech  (Across the Galaxy, 154) provides a discount to the Shadow Caster’s most expensive sides while adding precision to the vehicle.

One of the mods you may find yourself equipping most often is the Arc Caster  (Across the Galaxy, 146), a weapon that provides significantly more damage when you activate the attached vehicle. Combine this with every mod making the Shadow Caster more powerful, and you'll find that to be a potent combo for any Yellow team.

While the Shadow Caster may seem like the perfect vehicle to attach the Arc Caster, it’s far from the only viable target. A Firespray-31  (Across the Galaxy, 48) is one of the most iconic ships used by the scum of the Star Wars galaxy, and it's also the perfect target for some dangerous mods. As a Power Action, you may play a mod from your hand onto the Firespray-31, reducing its cost by two, and essentially enabling you to play some of the most powerful mods in the game for free!

Special Modifications

Mods add a whole new layer of strategy and customization to Star Wars: Destiny. Weapons, droids, and more can now be attached to your vehicles, making them truly your own. Strap in and fly with some modified ships in Across the Galaxy!

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