A Call to Investigate

A Letter from the Stalwart Hida Kisada, Crab Clan Champion


All that stands between Rokugan and the nightmarish horrors of the Shadowlands are the Crab Clan and their massive Kaiu Wall. The wall must constantly be reinforced, and a lack of communication from any section is not to be taken lightly. After all, when it comes to matters of the Shadowlands, it is always better to be certain.

Join us today for a letter from Crab Clan Champion Hida Kisada, and the repercussions it will have on the 2018 Winter Court.

The letter details orders for the Crab Clan and can be downloaded here (3.7 MB). When you’re finished, continue on to discover the choice facing the Crab Clan at the upcoming Winter Court.

Smoke on the Wind

The watchtower at Ishigaki Province has gone silent. The Wall cannot afford to be breached. At the 2018 Winter Court World Championships, the top performing Crab player will be given the opportunity to choose what kind of samurai (by family) is to travel to the watchtower and assess its status. To help offer guidance in the selection of a samurai for the task, here are brief summaries of what the different options mean with regards to the outcome of the decision.

  • If selected, a samurai of the Hida Family reinforces and defends the watchtower by strength of arms.
  • If selected, a samurai of the Hiruma Family scouts on the status of the watchtower and tracks the problem to its source.
  • If selected, a samurai of the Kaiu Family rebuilds the watchtower if it has fallen and reinforces its garrisons if it has not.
  • If selected, a samurai of the Kuni Family purges any Taint from the watchtower or surrounding environments.
  • If selected, a samurai of the Yasuki Family recruits aid from their neighboring allies to reinforce and defend the watchtower.

Who will attend to the silence emerging from Ishigaki Province?

Ill Omens

Silence along the wall is deafening to the Crab Clan, heralding something much worse. Which family will investigate the ill omens emanating from Ishigaki Province? Voice your support on Twitter and tune in to Twitch on November 1 – 4 to discover the fate of the Crab at the 2018 Winter Court World Championship!

Join us next Wednesday for the final clan letter in the leadup to a most contentious Winter Court!

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