A Call for Diplomacy

A Letter from Doji Hotaru, Esteemed Champion of the Crane Clan


The past few months have presented a series of trials for the Crane Clan. Skirmishes with the Lion have impacted their army, Mantis raids have depleted their supplies, and now an elemental imbalance off the coast threatens their lands once again. If the Crane hope to maintain their favorable standing in the Emerald Empire, they’ll need assistance.

Join us today for a letter from Crane Clan Champion Doji Hotaru and the repercussions it will have on the upcoming Winter Court for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game!

The letter details the challenges facing the Crane Clan and can be downloaded here (6.5 MB). After you’ve read the letter, continue on to discover the choice facing the Crane at the upcoming Winter Court!

An Appeal to the Fortunes

With the elemental imbalance off the coast indicating a disturbance among the kami of the Sea of the Sun Goddess, Doji Hotaru is sending her husband to request the aid of the Fox Clan. At the 2018 Winter Court World Championships, the top performing Crane player will be given the opportunity to choose what kind of samurai (by family) is to travel with Doji Kuzunobu and appeal to the Fox Clan for assistance. To help offer guidance in the selection of a samurai for the task, here are brief summaries of what the different options mean with regards to the outcome of the decision.

  • If selected, a samurai of the Doji Family brings beautiful gifts for the Fox Clan to remind them of their longstanding friendship with the Crane.
  • If selected, a samurai of the Kakita Family protects Doji Kuzunobu from threats that lurk in the perilous Kitsune forest.
  • If selected, a samurai of the Asahina Family offers to assist the Fox Clan with locating the clan’s missing nemuranai (spiritually-awoken artifacts).
  • If selected, a samurai of the Daidoji Family offers their protection of the Fox Clan in exchange for their support.

What will be the result of Doji Kuzunobu’s visit to Kyūden Kitsune?

A Call to Arms

Who will be wise enough to secure the aid of the Fox Clan for the Crane, and what repercussions will their actions have? Find Fantasy Flight Games on Twitter to voice your support for a family, and tune in on Twitch November 1 – 4 to discover the fate of the Crane at the 2018 Winter Court World Championship. 

Join us every Wednesday and Friday for additional letters as we prepare for a most contentious Winter Court!

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