A Most Suitable Teacher

The Results of the Kiku Matsuri Story Choice


Chase the sun. Discover the world.
-Iuchi Wayfinder

The Kiku Matsuri has come to pass! Yesterday, a grand parade of samurai marched forth and threw open the doors to Rokugan at Gen Con 50. The Opening Ceremony was a spectacle unto itself, calling forth loyalties long held and inviting new devotees to pledge their sword to one of the seven Great Clans. Attendees were welcomed into a world where honor is stronger than steel, and celebrated the unveiling of our newest Living Card Game®, steeped in its story: Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game!

Many attendees had the honor of participating in the largest Gen Con event ever hosted by Fantasy Flight Games, the Kiku Matsuri tournament. With over 700 tickets claimed, it was a monumental first opportunity to play with the new Legend of the Five Rings Core Set. Players contructed a Starting Deck, and stepped forth to fight for their clan. Glory was won, and incredible prizes were awarded to all.

After five rounds of play, those who remained undefeated stood triumphant, and the prestigious title of Hatamoto was bestowed upon them all. This position of honor for a player carries many continuing benefits, but achieving this promotion at the very first tournament also awarded a unique opportunity to help determine the outcome of the first story choice.

These Hatamotos were faced with a difficult decision. Last week's short story, Smokeless Fire, detailed a petition to the Emperor from the Phoenix Clan. Believing they had forseen a great danger in the use of meishōdō, the mysterious name magic learned by the Unicorn Clan, Lady Kaede asked that its use be outlawed. This would have powerful ramifications throughout the kingdom, but so would the alternative: The Emperor could compel the Unicorn Clan to teach their secrets to the Hidden Guard, and bolster their defenses against the unknown.

The prestigious Hatamotos conferred following the hard-fought battles of the Kiku Matsuri. They weighed the wisdom presented on both sides, and then voted on whether meishōdō should be forbidden in Rokugan or taught in service of the Empire. Their councel reached the Emperor as he sought the guidance of his most trusted confidants, and his determination agreed with their valued input.

The Decision

The Emperor has seen fit to allow the Unicorn Clan to continue practicing meishōdō, but officially requests their assistance in teaching its use to his Hidden Guard. They cannot refuse their ruler's command, but complying will require the sacrifice of more than just secrets.

We invite you to read A Most Suitable Teacher (pdf, 1.1 MB), the short story that details the outcome of the Kiku Matsuri story choice presented to the Hatamotos.

Live the Story

The story of Rokugan will continue on our website, and in upcoming Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game products. The next opportunity for a player to influence the story of Rokugan will be presented to the World Champion in November. They alone will decide which path the future will tread, after receiving the honorary title of Shogun!

Secure your Core Set and place in the three in-store events of the Launch Program by speaking to your local retailer today! Retailer pre-orders for the Launch Kit close on August 23rd, and the Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game Core Set (L5C01) will be released in Q3 2017!

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