21 April 2017 | Star Wars: Destiny

The Flow of the Force

Preview the Blue Heroes in Spirit of Rebellion

"The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together."
   - Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars: A New Hope

Those who embrace the way of the Force face a choice between the light and the dark. Villains harness the power of the Force for their own selfish desires, while Heroes vow to stand against evil, and defend the Spirit of Rebellion that brings balance to the galaxy.

Today, we’re looking at the Blue heroes in Spirit of Rebellion, the newest set of boosters for Star Wars™: Destiny. These spiritual warriors continue to be guided by the Force through manipulating dice, providing shields, and healing their wounds.

Wise Warriors

Few exemplify the patience, power, and compassion of Blue heroes like Obi-Wan Kenobi (Spirit of Rebellion, 37), Jedi Knight and mentor to Luke Skywalker. With the Guardian keyword, Obi-Wan can protect any hero you team him with, and when his health is depleted, you can play a Blue card from your hand or discard pile for free! Obi-Wan’s die is also a mix of support and attack symbols, two sides showing melee damage, two sides showing a focus, and one side showing a resource.

An elite Obi Wan is the perfect companion to Rey (Awakenings, 38), for 29 points, Obi-Wan's Guardian ability gives the Force Prodigy the time she needs to find the perfect set of upgrades to become a threat to your opponent. By the time Obi-Wan is defeated, Rey is likely to have all the tools she needs to succeed.

Not all Blue heroes are solitary hermits of course—during the Clone Wars, Jedi Knights served as leaders who inspired their troops and defended the many worlds of the Republic. Luminara Unduli (Spirit of Rebellion, 36) was one of these commanders, pushing her followers to their limits and beyond with her inspiring presence. In Spirit of Rebellion, Luminara’s die has two sides showing melee damage, one showing a focus, one showing a resource, and finally a special symbol. This special symbol allows you to resolve one of your character dice, increasing its value by two, or three if it is a non-unique character. This ability pairs perfectly with the new Jedi Acolyte (Spirit of Rebellion, 34), a non-unique character that has the value of their die increased by one if there is another die showing the same symbol when it is resolved. If the Acolyte’s melee side is resolved by Luminara, that’s a hefty four damage. But if you have another dice with melee damage out there, the Acolyte’s die resolved by Luminara’s special ability will hit for a total of five damage!

A Calming Presence

Blue characters are known for their ability to shake off damage, and Force Heal (Spirit of Rebellion, 40) will give you a consistent way to recover your health. The supportive die features one shield icon, two resource icons and two special icons that allow you to heal one damage from a character, or two damage at the cost of a resource.

Playing Force Heal on Qui-Gon Jinn (Awakenings, 37) will ensure it will be difficult to get damage to stick on the Ataru Master. If your opponent can work through the myriad of shields Qui-Gon is sure to accumulate, Force Heal will help recover whatever actual damage he takes. Furthermore, if Qui-Gon teams up with a yellow character like Maz Kanata (Spirit of Rebellion, 45), he gains access to Lone Operative (Spirit of Rebellion, 49), another Spirit of Rebellion upgrade that provides healing. Playing both of these upgrades on Qui-Gon will make him nearly impossible to take down.

Guardians of Peace

Of course, just staying on the defensive won’t resolve a battle, Blue heroes need a way to fight back against those that threaten the Spirit of Rebellion. Few weapons are as useful as the Handcrafted Light Bow (Spirit of Rebellion, 39). A three-cost weapon, the Handcrafted Lightbow is extremely versatile with two sides showing damage symbols, one showing a shield symbol, one showing a discard symbol, and one showing a special symbol. This special symbol offers you a choice: deal three damage to a character or remove all shields from a character, then deal that character two damage. This allows you to break through powerful defenses with ease, and deal damage in the process.

Blue characters are at their best when they can combine their die manipulation abilities with the damage they need to win the game, and Force Push (Spirit of Rebellion, 54) represents the best of both worlds. With two sides showing ranged damage, one showing discard, and two showing special symbols, Force Push is a very consistent die you are sure to get plenty of use out of. Its special ability lets you turn two of your opponent’s dice to a side of your choice—combined with its discard symbol, Force Push can potentially disrupt your opponent’s strategy before it even gets started.

With plenty of ways to change the faces of their dice and shape their destiny, Blue heroes often have a dice pool containing exactly what they need. This allows them to trigger cards like Synchronicity  (Spirit of Rebellion, 106). If you have dice showing melee damage and shields, Synchronicity deals two unblockable damage to a character at no cost, and is a distinctly powerful advantage. Blue heroes should have no shortage of the shields or melee damage needed to play Synchronicity. 

A recurring theme in Spirit of Rebellion is using multiple copies of the same card for powerful effects. This theme continues in Blue characters with Premonitions (Spirit of Rebellion, 131). The first copy of the card you play allows you to set it aside with another card in your hand set face down on top of it. The second copy allows you to play the card set aside on the first copy for free! With careful planning, this can make for a huge discount on costly cards.

Feel the Force

With their mastery of the Force, Blue heroes don’t need luck. Manipulating die rolls to get the results they want and healing damage ensures they will always be in the fight, and with the tools available to them Star Wars: Destiny, they are more than prepared to defend the Spirit of Rebellion.

Feel the Force and order Spirit of Rebellion (SWD04) boosters from your local retailer when it releases this May!

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