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A New Star Wars™: The Card Game FAQ is Now Available

The latest version of the Star Wars™: The Card Game FAQ is now online! This update contains the usual clarifications, updates, and other useful information for those that want to know the finer details of the rules. In addition, today’s update includes multiple errata that tournament players should be sure to check out. Read why these changes were made from the developer below!

Star Wars: The Card Game Developer, Erik Dahlman

Hello Star Wars™ LCG players!

With our new May World Championships fast approaching it’s time for another update to the FAQ. Included are several errata and additions to the restricted list designed to shake up the current meta and set the stage for the World Championship event.

  • Enforced Loyalty (0881): The amount of damage that this objective was able to generate in the early turns of a game, especially when combined with several of the Imperial Navy’s protection objectives, was proving very difficult to deal with. An errata has been issued to this objective so that it now only deals a single damage to a target objective, rather than 1 damage to each enemy objective. With this change, the “Limit 1 per turn.” restriction on this ability was no longer needed, so it was removed.
  • Threat from the Depths (2002): This objective, combined with the Sith Wyrm (0995) was able to provide a relatively inexhaustible source of defenders for the Sith Creature deck. By requiring the objective to focus in order to put the defending unit into play, it creates more of an actual cost to use this combination.
  • His High Exaltedness (2010): This objective, in conjunction with several powerful Scum and Villainy events, was being used in an offensive manner that was ending games very quickly. Powerful aggressive Scum units such as the Black Sun Headhunter (0672) or the Energy Spider (0956) were being cleared of focus tokens with Spice Blitz (0957) and clearing 2-3 LS objectives in a single turn very early in the game. Now the Interrupt ability on this objective will only work when one of your own objectives is destroyed. This allows the DS player to gain some benefit when losing an objective, but prevents the snowballing effect when the objective could be triggered on a LS objective’s destruction.
  • Heroes and Legends (0496) and Spark of Rebellion (1114) have been placed in a restricted group. The ability for Rahn’s Guidance (0499) to stack the top of the LS player’s deck with exactly the correct cards took all of the risk out of using Spark of Rebellion.
  • Against All Odds (0524) and The Last Warrior (1151) have also been placed into a restricted group together. The Last Warrior objective’s ability to prevent your opponent from drawing cards removed an important balancing factor of Holding All the Cards (0527): the fact that your opponent would also get to draw 2 cards.

Finally, the rules for Affiliation Fate cards have been added to the Additional Rules section, keeping all rules introduced in Force Pack inserts in one convenient location.

That is all for now. I look forward to seeing many of you at the World Championships in May!

May the Force be with you!

-Erik Dahlman

Download the new Star Wars: The Card Game FAQ now to read the entire update. If you are someone who plays in tournaments, don’t forget to read the errata! They are sure to alter what you have come to expect in competitions.

As always, game rules, tournament regulations, and other support materials for Star Wars: The Card Game can be found on our Star Wars: The Card Game page.

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