23 February 2017 | Star Wars: The Card Game

TIE Fighters Incoming!

Power of the Force Is Now Available for STAR WARS™: The Card Game

“We'll have to destroy them ship to ship. Get the crews to their fighters.”
–Darth Vader, Star Wars: A New Hope

Throughout the Opposition cycle, you’ve had the chance to explore the rivalries between factions. With the addition of affiliated fate cards and other tricks, you’ve received plenty of ways to target and destroy your rival faction—and now, you’ll have the chance to pledge your loyalty and battle your foes in the Star Wars galaxy once more. Power of the Force, the fifth Force Pack in the Opposition cycle for Star Wars™: The Card Game, is now available at your local retailer!

Throughout this pack’s objective sets, you’ll find cards to support a variety of playstyles, alongside iconic characters and vehicles from Star Wars Rebels, including Ezra Bridger, Hera Syndulla, the Ghost, and the Phantom. Whether you’re fighting with the plucky Specter rebels or launching a formation of TIE fighters into battle, this Force Pack offers a new perspective to the conflicts of Star Wars: The Cards Game.

Obsidian Squadron Deployment

If you’ve been polishing a deck stuffed with TIE Fighters and ace Pilots to spread the might of the Imperial Navy, you receive another objective set to support your fighter wing in the Power of the Force expansion. 

This objective set begins by immediately ensuring that your Fighters won’t be shot down so easily. Cloud Cover (Power of the Force, 2035) offers two resources to help you scramble your TIEs as quickly as possible. Then, once they’re airborne, each piloted Fighter unit that you control gets an increased damage capacity, making it significantly more difficult for your opponent to destroy your units.

Increased damage capacity makes Pilots like "Night Beast" (Power of the Force, 2037) correspondingly powerful. “Night Beast” bears the pilot (1) keyword, allowing you to attach him to any Vehicle as its pilot, just by paying one resource. Of course, you’ll only want to enhance Fighter units with “Night Beast:” while “Night Beast” is attached to a Fighter unit that survives an engagement as the defender, you can immediately remove a focus token from it. In other words, you can send the rest of your Fighter wing forward, while “Night Beast” hangs back and prevents your opponent from destroying your objectives too easily.  

While “Night Beast” protects your own objectives, every Fighter in your squadron benefits from an expert pilot like "Howlrunner" (Power of the Force, 2036) flying point position. So long as “Howlrunner” is piloting a Vehicle, all of your Fighter units gain an additional unit damage icon—making them much more dangerous to your opponent’s units! Your opponent may need to carefully consider even opposing an enemy engagement if his units would be swiftly destroyed by a barrage of laser fire.

Ace Pilots like “Night Beast” and “Howlrunner” are useful, but they’re nothing without their Fighters. Fortunately, this objective set also includes two more unique units—TIE fighters that you can use to push your advantage. Obsidian Leader (Power of the Force, 2038) has the targeted strike keyword, meaning that it only grows more dangerous with “Howlrunner” in play. Your opponent may make Obsidian Leader a priority target, but he may find it more difficult than it first appears. While Obsidian Leader is piloted, every Fighter unit you control gains “protect Obsidian Leader,” making it difficult for your opponent to put the damage where he wants it.

Another perfect complement to Obsidian Leader is Obsidian 2 (Power of the Force, 2039). This TIE is a little more solid, making it perfect for standing up to enemy firepower, but it can also strike back with a vengeance. While Obsidian 2 is piloted, you double its unit damage icons. Combine that with cards like “Howlrunner” and the Black Squadron Pilot (Core Set, 17), and you can present a formidable array of unit damage to enemy units.

Finally, the set concludes with the perfect way to keep your ships piloted: the Stay on Target (Power of the Force, 712) fate card. By bringing a Pilot into play from your hand or discard pile, Stay on Target keeps your ships piloted and gives you the chance to activate their special abilities when your enemies would least suspect it.

Pilots, To Your Ships

Whether you fly for the nascent Rebellion or the Imperial Navy, you’ll find cards to support your missions among the objective sets from Power of the Force. Head to your local retailer and pick up your copy today!

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