The Museum Is Now Open

The Miskatonic Museum Is Now Available for Arkham Horror: The Card Game


"At one end was a door of heavy plank, fastened by an unusually large padlock and with a very peculiar symbol painted over it. Jones, who had once had access to the dreaded Necronomicon, shivered involuntarily as he recognised that symbol."
     –H.P. Lovecraft and Hazel Heald, The Horror in the Museum

The disappearance of two Miskatonic professors comes with ill portent—there's a sense of history repeating itself. It's not just the fact that the professors went missing that was concerning; it was the matter of who these professors happened to be. These were the heroes of Dunwich, the professors who brought calm to that rural New England town.

Their disappearance now suggests the horrors that once befell Dunwich may not have been as fully extinguished as once was hoped. And if that's the case—and these professors are no longer available to race to Dunwich's aid—then you've got a dire task ahead of you…

The Miskatonic Museum is now available for Arkham Horror: The Card Game!

You Are Not Alone

Worried that someone may be after the university's Latin translation of the Necronomicon, you race to the Miskatonic Museum to recover it from the museum's curator, Harold Walsted.

Unfortunately, the museum is closed by the time you arrive, and even once you gain entrance, you find it frighteningly quiet. You know that the Necronomicon lies somewhere amid the darkened halls and the tangle of exhibits that all appear far more menacing at night than they do in the light of day. And you quickly become aware that you are not alone.

There is a predator stalking the exhibits. As you scour the museum for signs of the Necronomicon, you may also encounter one or more of the monster's victims. And if you're not careful, you may become one.

As a result, your adventures in The Miskatonic Museum will force you to balance your personal health and well-being against the recovery of an artifact of dark and powerful knowledge. You know you can't allow the tome to fall into the wrong hands, but then again, you won't be able to do anyone any good if you're devoured or driven mad.

And in the Arkham LCG®, the decisions you make in navigating this tension aren't just rhetorical. You can commit yourself to the recovery of the Necronomicon utterly—risking your life and limb and sanity in a desperate do-or-die effort. Or you might just pursue the tome so long as you feel relatively safe. And then if the dangers become too real, you can flee…

In the end, it's only a book, right? And how much can a single book influence the whole arc of your larger investigation?

Rise to the Occasion

With the fate of Miskatonic's missing professors at stake, you'll want to take advantage of every new lead or talent or piece of information that might help you succeed at your task. And The Miskatonic Museum introduces twenty-six new tricks, Talents, and assets that might prove worthy of your attention.

We've already previewed some of the Mythos Pack's twenty-six player cards (a complete playset of thirteen different cards) in its announcement and in our preview article, "Banished to the Other Realms."

Still, while cards like Adaptable (The Miskatonic Museum, 110) and Delve Too Deep (The Miskatonic Museum, 111) may allow you to play the long game, and Exile cards like Fire Extinguisher (The Miskatonic Museum, 114) and Flare (The Miskatonic Museum, 115) may grant you punchy, single-use answers to your challenges, there are plenty of cards in The Miskatonic Museum like Brother Xavier (The Miskatonic Museum, 106), which simply allow you to spend your experience for incremental improvements and that allow you to better fulfill your role within your team of investigators.

So will you carry your campaign forward from The Dunwich Legacy by investing your experience toward the long game, and make sure you have the big, splashy effects on hand for the moments you need them? Or will you slowly and steadily reshape your deck to feature higher-level allies like Brother Xavier, higher-level Talents like Pathfinder (The Miskatonic Museum, 108), and maybe a couple of Painkillers (The Miskatonic Museum, 117) to help you keep going, even when you've been bruised and battered?

The choice is yours.

Don't Touch the Exhibits

The Miskatonic Museum is now available, and the Necronomicon is waiting. Will you be able to find it? Will you fall victim to a deadly predator? Be careful as you conduct your investigation. There's more to the museum's exhibits than first meets the eye.

Head to your local retailer to pick up your copy of The Miskatonic Museum today!

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