2017 May World Champs Early Registration

Champions Must Claim Reserved Seats By February 28th


Fantasy Flight Games is excited to provide details on claiming reserved seats at the World Championships in May! General registration will open at 12:00 PM CST, March 14th. More information regarding general registration is coming soon!

The World Championships—a five-day celebration of our world-wide player communities—is the most exciting event in the Organized Play calendar every year. 2017 is set to continue creating amazing experiences for those who attend, and the first of FFG’s two World Championships (Yes. There are now two World Championships!) will be held May 3rd-7th. If you have a reserved seat, now is the time to act: Click here to claim it!

Who Has a Reserved Seat at the World Championships in May?

Players who have proven their skill in previous, high-profile events can earn a reserved seat at the World Championships. For the World Championships in May, the following people have earned a reserved seat:

  • 2016 Regional Championship Winners: Any player that won a Regional Championship during the Regional season that took place November, 2016 through February, 2017 has earned a reserved seat in their respective game’s World Championship.
  • 2016 World Champions: All 2016 World Champions have earned a free, reserved seat in their respective game’s World Championship.
  • Previous World Champions: Any World Champion from 2015 or earlier has earned a reserved seat in their respective game’s World Championship.

Note: National Championships for the 2017 season do not begin until April. Anyone winning a National Championship for games featured at our May World Championship in April or later in 2017 will earn a free, reserved seat at the 2018 World Championships!

How Do I Claim My Reserved Seat?

Any person with a reserved seat can go to ShowClix, our ticketing partner, and fill out the ticket request form. Navigate to each game’s ticket request form by clicking on the game in which you won a qualifying event on the main page, then click on “Apply Now” on the right side of the window. Make sure to have the date and location of the event you won so that we can confirm your victory!

All requests for reserved seats must be filled out by 11:59 PM CST on February 28th.

After February 28th, we will validate all requests. Then, on March 6th, we will reply to all valid requests with a link and instructions on how to purchase a ticket by March 10th. Please note that Champions only have a seat reserved in the World Championships for the game in which they won. You will have to register for all other World Championship events during general registration.

When Can I Purchase My Reserved Seat?

We will send an email on March 6th to every Champion that requested a ticket. The email will contain instructions explaining how to purchase your reserved seat. Anyone with a reserved seat must purchase their ticket by March 10th! All unclaimed seats will be sold during general registration starting March 14th.

If you are a Champion that filled out the ticket request form by February 28th and do not receive an email on March 6th, please email [email protected] on March 7th.

Can I Purchase Tickets for Other World Championship Events?

No. Champions can purchase tickets only for the game in which they won. You must purchase all other World Championship events during general registration, starting March 14th. Keep your eyes on our website for more information on general registration!

What If I Am a Champion in Multiple Games?

Anyone that is a Champion in multiple games must fill out the ticket request form for each game they have a spot reserved! You will receive a confirmation email and ticket purchase email on March 6th for each game you’ve requested. If you do not, please contact [email protected].

I Did Not Win a Qualifying Event. When Can I Buy Tickets?

General registration begins March 14th! We will be posting more information on our website, including a full schedule, prize information, and more shortly.

See You in May!

If have a seat reserved for you at the World Championships in May, you’ve already proven you possess impressive skill. Do you have what it takes to deploy that skill on the world’s biggest stage? Make sure you fill out the request form and then join us in May to meet other passionate and skilled fans of our games and discover who proves themselves worthy of the title World Champion!

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