4 December 2017 | Star Wars: The Card Game

A Reason to Look Forward

The Star Wars™: The Card Game Regional Championships Are Here

"I'm glad I gave you something to look forward to."
     –Ahsoka Tano

This year's Regional Championships for Star Wars™: The Card Game are now upon us… and they're poised to go down in history as a series of epic confrontations!

The Regional Championships for Star Wars™: The Card Game are high-level events, offering some of the greatest and most spirited competition to be found in your region and, as a result, they draw players from far and near. This means the events aren't just fantastic opportunities to try out your newest decks; they're also great opportunities to meet new players and enjoy more of the game's extended community.

The Regional Championships are also great opportunities to compete for some of the coolest Star Wars: The Card Game prizes you'll find anywhere—alternate art cards, custom playmats, and character-focused affiliation cards!

The Prizes

The first and most important "prize" at any Regional Championship is, of course, the opportunity to play the game you love with other dedicated and enthusiastic players. This will be even more evident during the Regional Championships for Star Wars: The Card Game, as the season will see more of the Alliances Cycle make its way into the game, and the Regional Championships will likely be your best opportunity to witness all the creative ways that other players bring the new Force Packs and their cards into the game.

But in addition to the chance to take your new multi-affiliation decks to the next level of play, the Regional Championships offer a host of other prizes as well—custom prizes that are cool enough to lure every smuggler, mercenary, and bounty hunter.

These prizes are all exclusive to the Regional Championships, and the best part is that you don't even have to make the top tables to walk away with your share of the bounty!

  • Top 64: Alternate art Ahsoka Tano. With her bold new artwork, this Ahsoka Tano is ready to stand up to anyone—including the Dark Lord of the Sith. Depicted in combat with Darth Vader, this is Ahsoka Tano at her bravest and most resolute.
  • Top 16: Acrylic shield tokens. These white-and-red acrylic shield tokens offer a colorful alternative to the blue tokens from the Core Set.
  • Top 8: Custom playmat. The terrifying black-furred Wookiee bounty hunter roars into action atop this stylish playmat. Set this down in front of you, and your opponent will know you are no one to trifle with!
  • Top 4: Set of plastic affiliation cards. Emperor Palpatine for the Sith. Agent Kallus for the Imperials. Boba Fett for the Scum and Villainy. Leia Organa for the Rebel Alliance. Lando Calrissian for the Smugglers and Spies. And Yoda for the Jedi. Six iconic characters—each of whom immediately evokes his or her affiliation—decorate these plastic cards, meaning that your first resource won't just come with style; it will also come with personality.
  • Champion: Regional Championship trophy and National Championship prize bye. Each tournament can have only one winner, and that proud Champion will be able to commemorate his or her victory with a trophy that recalls the medallions awarded to Luke Skywalker and Han Solo after the Battle of Yavin IV. Additionally, each Regional Champion gains a free prize bye worth one win at the region's National Championship.

Forge New Alliances

Discover what the Alliances cycle brings to Star Wars: The Card Game. Meet new players and make new friends. Alliances are right at the heart of the game's Organized Play program, and the Regional Championships stand at a uniquely approachable position on the ladder of competitive events.

Whether you're hoping to win it all, walk away with your alternate art Ahsoka Tano, or just cover a table with Ewoks or Troopers, the Star Wars: The Card Game Regional Championships are your next opportunity to take your game to the next level.

Plan your attendance now. Visit our list of Regional Championships to find the event nearest you!

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