8 November 2017 | Star Wars: Destiny

Galactic Qualifiers

A New Tournament Program for Star Wars™: Destiny

"You cannot escape your destiny."
     –Obi-Wan Kenobi

Draw your blaster. Ignite your lightsaber. Reach out to the Force and fulfill your destiny…

The Galactic Qualifiers arrive to Star Wars™: Destiny as an ongoing program of epic events, built around thrilling competition and fantastic prizes. These large, high-energy events take place at conventions and similar venues, and they offer rewarding experiences for players of all skill levels.

At these Galactic Qualifiers, you'll find players coming from across the region to test their mettle. You'll find top-level events for your favorite tournament formats. You'll find alternate art cards, spot-glossed plastic characters, and game mats. And if you conquer your foes, you may even secure your seat at the World Championships.

Fun and prizes await you, so activate and roll in. Find a Galactic Qualifier near you!

Why Should You Attend a Galactic Qualifier?

Even as the upcoming Boba Fett Starter SetLuke Skywalker Starter Set, and Legacies Booster Packs promise to propel Destiny into exciting new territory, the Galactic Qualifiers bring new challenges and rewards to the game's fast-growing Organized Play.

  • The main events are the six-round, namesake Galactic Qualifier tournaments.

These are top-level tournaments in which you'll confront the greatest heroes and villains from across the whole Star Wars saga. Armed with only your characters, your deck, and your dice, you'll take on all comers, and every game you win is a bounty you can collect from the event's loaded Prize Station. Go undefeated, and you'll earn a spot at the World Championships!

Moreover, these Galactic Qualifiers can appear in any of the game's formats, but at least one Trilogy format tournament will be scheduled for every Galactic Qualifier event. This means newer players will find these tournaments easier to navigate and veterans will find plenty of reason to experiment outside of the Standard format.

  • Additionally, side events like the Escape Pod offer alternate Destiny experiences and guarantee a full weekend of non-stop Star Wars action.

As soon as you and seven other players have registered for this casual event, you can Force leap immediately into action, rolling dice and earning prizes.

Want to learn more about the different formats of play for Star Wars: Destiny? Read the article "What Lies Ahead."

Exclusive Prizes

Why else should you attend a Galactic Qualifier? These massive events are loaded with some of the coolest Destiny cards and swag you'll find anywhere.

  • Each Galactic Qualifier features a prize station loaded with goodies, ranging from extended art cards to custom game mats. Alternate art cards, game mats, and even spot-glossed plastic character cards—they're all on hand at the Prize Station, and you can claim your favorites by spending your Prize Credits.

You'll win Prize Credits by participating in events, and each of your wins earns you additional points, meaning there's always incentive to play. Also, because the points are yours to spend, you get to decide which prizes you want to claim.

Want the spot-glossed plastic Emperor Palpatine card? You just need twelve Prize Credits. But if you'd rather use those twelve Prize Credits toward the exclusive Galactic Qualifiers Hera Syndulla game mat , you'd be halfway to the twenty-four you need. Either way, the choice is yours!

Activate and Roll In

Star Wars: Destiny has grown rapidly since its release, and players across the world have enjoyed the dramatic back-and-forth laser fights and lightsaber duels that its cards and dice bring to life on your tabletop.

Now, the Galactic Qualifiers afford you a new way to enjoy the game and its challenges. The balance of the Force is always shifting, and these epic events offer both a welcoming environment and top-level testing grounds where you can try to learn or master the ever-evolving Star Wars: Destiny metagame.

The battles between the light and dark sides of the Force resound across the galaxy, and the Galactic Qualifiers introduce an exciting range of new battlefields where you can join the action.

Make your plans to activate and roll in. Head to our Galactic Qualifiers event page to learn more about these events, the prizes, and to find a Galactic Qualifier near you!

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