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More Details for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game Organized Play


Prepare to live the story of Rokugan, with the debut of Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game! Our previous Organized Play announcement detailed the clan-exclusive elemental role deckbuilding mechanic, the Hall of Honor for players who earn the title of Hatamoto at prestigious events, and the incredible preview events which were held at Gen Con and in London.

The release of the Core Set is upon us. Participating game stores worldwide will be hosting their Launch Party events, providing the first steps on the Organized Play path for their communities. Today, we are pleased to share two more of the steps along that path for players who thirst for the glory of competition!

Winter Court World Championship

November 1st through 5th, at the Fantasy Flight Games Center in Roseville, MN, the first Shogun will be crowned, and they alone will have the privilage of making the next Story Choice! The 2017 World Championships include a prestigious competition, side events, and a Prize Wall offering coveted items. Visit the Winter Court webpage for more information on this momentous tournament and its exclusive prizes, and wait with bated breath for the short story about the champion's Story Choice. After adding a third Day 1 heat to accomodate additional demand, we still have a limited number of seats available for purchase. Visit the 2017 World Championships webpage for attendee information, and then proceed to our ticketing portal by 9:00 AM CDT on Monday, October 9th to claim your opportunity to compete!

Kotei Series

The Toshi Ranbo Season of the Kotei Series begins two weeks after Winter Court at PAX Unplugged! These events feature a prestigious main tournament, plus many side events for players of all skill levels. The Great Clans will earn seasonal points in pursuit of three incredible clan rewards, one of which is an exclusive card for their clan's use, representing the season's namesake. Every player will receive a commemorative exclusive playmat and other prizes, in recognition of their courage and contribution to their clan's standing.

Five of the approximately twenty Kotei events in the Toshi Ranbo Season are recognized as a Grand Kotei, including PAX Unplugged, UK Games Expo, and Gen Con 2018, offering variant prizes and additional points. Hatamotos will be recognized and created, exclusive prizes will be awarded, and top players will earn a free seat at the 2018 Winter Court World Championship! Grand Kotei champions even earn travel and accomodations to attend Winter Court! Visit our Kotei Series webpage for more information and locations, and follow us on Twitter for updates as more locations are added!

For Rokugan!

Legend of the Five Rings has a rich history of passionate players and communities around the world. Much as the Great Clans of Rokugan are all part of a single united empire, local and regional communities are unified in their goal of sharing and enjoying the game they love. Many of the traditions these diverse communities practiced over multiple editions of these games are cherished ways to celebrate their passion, and invite others to join an inclusive group of players.

One of the most well known and long-standing traditions is the Banzai chant at large Organized Play events. While it bears similarities to historical chants and phrases, its creation is rooted in deference and respect of Rokugan and its Emperor. For many, this tradition instills a sense of belonging in competitors that have gathered from many different communities, unifying them as one voice before turning their focus to the battle at hand. Unfortunately, the real-world historical context of similar phrases has connected a number of negative associations to this chant, which undermines the tradition by detracting from the sense of community and positivity it seeks to establish.

We invite you to enter a Rokugan which honors the traditions of the past, while blazing a new path for its games and narrative. At the preview events for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game, we honored the path tradition of the Banzai chant by leading over 900 players in its recital. Now we blaze a new path, forging new traditions together with reinvigorated communities. The Banzai chant's powerful foundations of unity and deference will live on in a new Organized Play tradition!

Rokugan Chant

Leaders: For Honor!
Competitors: Honor!
Leaders: For Glory!
Competitors: Glory!
Leaders: For Rokugan!
Competitors: Rokugan!

At Kotei Series events and the Winter Court World Championship, event staff and Hatamotos will lead competitors in the Rokugan Chant. Their united voices will thunderously announce the epic battle about to take place, crafting new memories for players and observers alike. Its words will be proclaimed in the language of the hosting territory, in recognition of the diverse global communities that share in the game's history even as it continues to be written.

Please join us as we craft this tradition and others together, beginning with the release of the Core Set for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game, and for many years to come! For Honor! For Glory! For Rokugan!

Launch Program

Participating game stores will be welcoming players into Rokugan with the first of the events in the Launch Program! Three opportunities await players in the months following the release of the Core Set. The Launch Party is a casual open play event, using decks built from a single Core Set. Then, after the exclusive elemental roles for each clan are determined at the Winter Court World Championship, the Imperial Summons event calls players back to strategize and play with full decks built from two or three Core Sets, using the new exclusive role card for their clans. The last event in the Launch Program is the first tournament: players will compete in three rounds of paired games at the Way of the Rings event. Fantastic prizes, including stunning textless clan champion cards with extended art, will be awarded to attendees of each event. Visit the Launch Program webpage for more information and the instructional guide, then contact your local game store to find out when their events are taking place!

In-Store Play

In the coming weeks, pre-orders will begin for the first quarterly in-store Organized Play kit for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game. This deluxe quarterly kit will bring weekly or monthly play into your local game store along with a special event, each calendar quarter! The first quarter of 2018 will feature an in-store championship to embrace the competitive spirit of local communities around the world. Stay tuned for particulars about the prizes and experiences that the in-store kits will contain! Follow us on Twitter, and sign up for the FFG Community OP Newsletter to be the first to know when these tantalizing Organized Play details are revealed!

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