23 December 2016 | Star Wars: The Card Game

Form Your Plans

Preview the Star Wars™: The Card Game Q1 Tournament Kit Prizes!

“The Emperor’s made a critical error, and the time for our attack has come.”
- Mon Mothma

Gather your strike team and win prizes from the Quarter 1 Tournament Kit for Star Wars™: The Card Game! Quarterly Tournament Kits provide prizes for a local game store to award to players for participating in their events and a new kit will be released each quarter with refreshed prizes to compete even further. Contact your local game store today to see if they are hosting any tournament kit events and join in on the fun! 

What Prizes are in the Star Wars: The Card Game Quarter 1 Tournament Kit?

Core Prize Card - 16 copies of the alternate art card - “Shield Generator Assault” - an objective card that allows you to surgically destroy objectives on Endor. 

Elite Prize - 2 copies of the alternate art card “Colonel Yularen”. If you need to mitigate some damage and swing things back into your favor, Yularen is the man you want to call.

Elite Prize - 2 sets of acrylic Imperial Focus Tokens. Show your loyalty to the Empire when you exhaust your cards!

An additional copy of each prize card is included for the organizer to keep or award, at their discretion.

What Can I Expect at a Tournament Kit Event?

Every Star Wars: The Card Game Tournament Kit comes with an optional outline for a tournament that your retailer can choose to follow.

If your local retailer announces they are hosting a Twist of Fate event, you can expect to play three two-game rounds of Star Wars: The Card Game. If you do well in the competition, you will be eligible to earn some cool prizes, as detailed in the event outline below.

Event Outlines

Retailers can also choose to create their own tournaments and special events, such as demo days, charity events, or alternate play formats in order to support their gaming community. If this is the case, they may have different plans on how they would like to award these prizes. Make sure you contact your local game store to see what kind of event they are hosting!

Be a Part of the Growing Star Wars: The Card Game Community

Each quarter, there will be a new set of tournament kits for our Organized Play supported games! Keep your eyes out for the contents of the next kit and make sure that your local game store has ordered theirs for the season!

Note: The alternate art cards in this kit are produced via FFG's In-House Manufacturing and may appear slightly different in color and texture from the game's other cards. To be tournament legal, these cards must be sleeved with opaque or art sleeves.

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