11 November 2016 | Star Wars: Destiny

Smugglers and Rogues

Preview the Yellow Cards of Star Wars: Destiny

“Look, I ain’t in this for your revolution, and I’m not in it for you, Princess. I expect to be well paid. I’m in it for the money.”
–Han Solo, Star Wars: A New Hope

For the smugglers, bounty hunters, scoundrels, and scum that live on the edges of the galaxy, there’s nothing more important than staying one step ahead and having one more trick than everyone else. Though they may live outside the law and do their best to avoid attention, these rogues and lowlifes are inescapably drawn into the spotlight throughout the Star Wars saga. Iconic characters like Han Solo, Jango Fett, and Finn might shun close scrutiny, but the fact remains—these characters are just as important to the story as any admiral or Force user.

In Star Wars™: Destiny, almost every card is sorted into one of three factions. Military forces and tactics fall into Red cards, Force powers and Force users are found on Blue cards, and the sneaky, unpredictable rogues that live on the fringes are represented by Yellow cards. Our past previews have already explored Red and Blue cards, so today, we turn our attention to the schemes, con games, and fast-talking ruffians you’ll find among the Yellow cards of the Awakenings booster packs.

Resourceful Tricksters

If there’s anything that Star Wars galaxy’s hunters and scoundrels have proven, it’s that they always have a new trick, whether they’re attaching a missile to a jetpack or making a landing approach at lightspeed. The Yellow cards in Star Wars: Destiny are no different, and joining their ragtag ranks means that you have plenty of ways to outmaneuver your foes in the midst of the fight. 

Any Yellow character can take advantage of Cunning (Awakenings, 65), for example. This upgrade gives you ways to earn more resources, alter your dice, or disrupt your opponent’s plans, but more importantly, the special ability on Cunning lets you trigger the special ability of any other card in play as if it were your card! By choosing the perfect ability for the current turn, you can adapt to the flow of battle in a way that your opponent never could. 

Both heroes and villains boast their own tricks as well. If you join the dark side, you could play On the Hunt (Awakenings, 26), boosting your damage output while giving you a one-third chance of stripping a character’s shields and removing a die. Alternatively, if you’re fighting for the light side, you can always run away from a round that went bad with a timely Hyperspace Jump (Awakenings, 129). This event offers two powerful effects: first, it immediately ends the action phase, giving your opponent no chance to carry out additional actions before the round ends. Then, this event gives you the option to switch the current battlefield with the battlefield that wasn’t chosen at the beginning of the game. Although you may not depend on your battlefield to win, there’s no guarantee that your battlefield will be used during the game. By making a Hyperspace Jump, you can change the scene of your duel to more favorable ground.

By playing Hyperspace Jump, you end the action phase and have the option to swap the out-of-play battlefield into the game.

In addition to having a trick for every situation, the galaxy’s rogues also know the value of a few credits, whether they’re buying off an enemy or picking out a new weapon for the next job. Of course, you’ll need ways to gain more resources in your deck, and the heroes and villains of the galaxy have quite different approaches to earning those resources.

If you’ve cast your lot with the light side, you may think it’s a good idea to Play the Odds (Awakenings, 135). You can exhaust this support as an Action to reroll one of your Yellow dice, which is useful in any circumstance, but if you roll a resource on your die, Play the Odds also lets you claim another resource. Alternatively, you can play the villain and steal your resources from your opponent with My Kind of Scum (Awakenings, 100).

Setting an Ambush

Some of the most notorious smugglers and scoundrels in the galaxy fight against the forces of darkness, but that doesn’t mean they won’t use dishonorable tactics to claim victory. In fact, in Star Wars: Destiny, these unlikely heroes are masters of the ambush, equipping weapons like the DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol (Awakenings, 51). 

As an upgrade, the DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol can dramatically increase your ranged damage, bringing down your foes faster than ever. This weapon also features the Ambush keyword, meaning that you can take an additional action after you play this card! Because the nature of Star Wars: Destiny normally forces you to alternate actions with your opponent, you stand to gain a key advantage any time you can take more than one action in a row. And if that weren’t enough, after you play this upgrade, you can force your opponent to choose and remove one of their dice, keeping you one step ahead.

The DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol is the favored weapon of Han Solo (Awakenings, 46), and if you’re expecting them to work well together, you won’t be disappointed. Han Solo offers a similar array of die results, focusing on ranged damage and resources, and whenever you play a card with Ambush, you can give Han Solo a shield, helping him stay alive and dodge your opponent’s blaster bolts.

Han Solo has often proven that he’s an expert at avoiding danger, and dodging out of harm’s way is another theme carried through many of the heroes’ Yellow cards. Draw Attention (Awakenings, 128) actually moves damage between your characters, keeping your weakest character from being easily defeated. Second Chance (Awakenings, 137), on the other hand, can be attached to any Yellow character. Before that character would be defeated, you’ll heal five damage and discard this upgrade instead, giving your best character another lease on life. 

Hunt Them Down

If good-hearted smugglers are one side of the characters you might encounter among the Yellow cards, then ruthless, unstoppable bounty hunters are surely the other side. These hunters travel from system to system in search of their prey, and they won’t give up until they’ve brought in their target—dead or alive.

Of course, before you fire the final shots, you’ll need to find your target, which requires constant vigilance. Once you see an opening, you’ll know it’s time to strike. That’s the philosophy that guides cards like Jango Fett (Awakenings, 21). In fact, as soon as an opponent activates a character, you can activate Jango Fett without spending an action, helping you outrace your opponent to victory. Then, once Jango Fett has been dispatched on the job, you can use Jabba the Hutt (Awakenings, 20) to give him the support he needs to finish his job. In many ways, Jabba the Hutt is the consummate supporting character. Though he can’t deal damage on his own, he gives you plenty of ways to deal more damage by setting your other dice to the proper sides—all while attacking your opponent’s cards and resources.

As soon as you have your target in your sights, your only job is to deliver as much damage as you can, which is another place that bounty hunters and crime lords excel. You may equip your warrior with a Gaffi Stick (Awakenings, 25), an upgrade that deals plenty of melee damage. Or, you may simply Go for the Kill (Awakenings, 96), resolving one of your ranged damage dice and treating the damage as unblockable, smashing right through any shields your opponent has erected. 

You may field a vicious team of Jango Fett with two Tusken Raiders!

Place Your Bets

When you fight with the rogues of the Star Wars galaxy, you make your own path—and you’re clever enough to overcome anyone who stands in your way. Join us in our next preview for a closer look at the deck building of Star Wars: Destiny, and remember to pre-order your starter sets and booster packs at your local retailer today!

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