18 January 2016 | Organized Play

Preparing for 2016

A Recap on FFG Organized Play for the New Year


Players, Retailers, Organizers, and Fans!

Welcome to 2016! This year promises to be an exceptional one for Fantasy Flight Games Organized Play. We will be sharing details about Organized Play’s plans for 2016 in the coming days, but today we want to recount what happened at the end of 2015 and the beginning of January to get everyone up to date.

  • In December we published updated tournament rules for each OP game, as well as updated FAQ documents for some games. If you haven’t had a chance to read the documents regarding your favorite games yet, you can check them out in our announcement article.
  • The 2016 Store Championship season is off to a roaring start in the United States and around the world. We’ve already heard tales of close calls, tough games, and epic finishes, and we look forward to hearing more fantastic stories from everyone! As a reminder, each Store Championship Kit’s information sheet contains helpful instructions for tournament organizers and requires all events to follow the round structure outlined in each game’s current tournament rules. We will be publishing a new round structure for higher levels of competiton, including the 2016 Regional Championships, with the next rules update prior to the start
    of the season.
  • Speaking of 2016 Regional Championships, applications are now open for retailers in the United States and Canada! US and Canadian retailers can learn more about the season and kits and apply through last week’s announcement. Other international retailers should contact their local distributor for more details.
  • In a shared effort to maintain event integrity at official Fantasy Flight Games Organized Play tournaments, we have created the FFG Organized Play Participant Suspension Policy. You can learn about the policy and how it can help to
    support a fair, safe, and inclusive event environment
    on our policy page.

Keep your eyes on our website in the near future for a post about what we have in store for FFG Organized Play and all of you in 2016.

Thank you for your continuing participation in FFG Organized Play. The next twelve months are sure to be full of harrowing tales of victory and defeat, and we hope that you are as eager to see them unfold as we are!

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