16 April 2015 | A Game of Thrones LCG

Dothraki Ambush!

House of Talons Is Now Available for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game


“The Dothraki named the comet shierak aiya, the Bleeding Star. The old men muttered that it omened ill, but Daenerys Targaryen had seen it first on the night she had burned Khal Drogo, the night her dragons had awakened.”
–George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings

House Arryn plots how it can shape the future from the mountain fastnesses of the Eyrie. In the Reach, Renly Baratheon gathers his Rainbow Guard around him as he marches toward King’s Landing. Dothraki khalasars ride freely across the sweeping grasslands of the Dothraki Sea and House Greyjoy’s raiders ply the waves in their longships. 

House of Talons offers new warriors and armies to launch a campaign across Westeros with fire and sword. The House of Talons Chapter Pack is now available for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game at your local retailer and online through our webstore!

Here, you’ll find cards that continue the major themes of the Wardens cycle by offering more support for each House’s powerful, high-cost characters, including new and recognizable characters from A Song of Ice and Fire, like Robert Arryn and Bronze Yohn Royce. You can also expand the power of your trait-based decks and Limited Responses with cards like the new copy of Jhogo. House Targaryen now has a new way to race to victory, as we’ll see below!

Hunters of the Plains

House of Talons introduces a new version of Jhogo (House of Talons, 94), with a Limited Response that can propel you to sudden victory. Jhogo’s ability reads, “Limited Response: After you win a challenge in which Jhogo and at least 2 other Dothraki characters participated as attackers, discard Jhogo to claim X power for your House. X is the number of cards in the losing opponent’s hand. (Limit 1 limited response per round.)” The power of this effect is obvious – you could easily leap forward by four or five power. But of course, you want a way to maximize your potential power gain, while minimizing the chance that your opponent will be able to stop you. Fortunately, House of Talons offers some other cards that can help you accomplish this goal.

To successfully trigger Jhogo, you’ll naturally need at least two other Dothraki characters to participate in the challenge with him. House of Talons offers Eastern Market (House of Talons, 96), a location that you can discard from play to reduce the cost of the next three Dothraki or Mercenary characters you play by one each. With Eastern Market, you’ll have a much easier time marshaling a horde of Dothraki to trigger Jhogo. 

You’ll also find the Braided Warrior (House of Talons, 95), a Dothraki character who allows you to search your deck for an attachment after he enters play. Then, by paying the attachment’s cost, you can put it into play attached to a card you control. Naturally, there are several attachments that can help you with your challenges. With the help of Daenerys's Favor (Forgotten Fellowship, 95), you can boost a character’s STR and offer additional icons, while Khal (Ancestral Home, 77) makes one of your characters dangerous during power challenges.

Once you have enough Dothraki characters in play, you need to carefully choose how to make your challenge. Ultimately, you have a much better chance of success if your opponents don’t know your plan until you’re ready to act. To that end, you can keep Jhogo in your hand until you’re ready to make a challenge, and then use Ambush from the Plains (Queen of Dragons, 36) to quickly bring him into play. 

In addition, you need to minimize your target opponent’s chance of successfully defending the challenge. Rakharo (The Valemen, 54) is a Dothraki character with stealth, and he can give stealth to another Dothraki character during the challenges phase, potentially enabling you to slip past any foes. You may also use ambush to play Jhogo's Whip (Of Snakes and Sand, 90) onto Jhogo in the challenges phase, allowing you to push two defending characters out of the challenge.

Finally, you need to ensure that you’ll gain the maximum amount of power by triggering Jhogo. The melee format naturally gives you more options for targeting the opponent with the most cards in hand when you declare your key challenge. However, you’ll also want ways to fill your opponent’s hand with cards before you make your key challenge. Counting Favors (Core Set, 203) and The Dragon's Tail (Princes of the Sun, 43) are good ways to quickly fill your opponent’s hand as much as the draw cap allows. For a final push, Much and More (A Harsh Mistress, 78) can add more cards to your opponent’s hand while circumventing the draw cap. With these cards and careful planning, Jhogo could bring substantial support to Daenerys Targaryen’s cause!

To King’s Landing

Call your banners and gather your forces – King’s Landing and the Iron Throne await! The cards in House of Talons invite you to launch a campaign, whether you ride with a Dothraki khalasar or plot revenge with the Sand Snakes. Pick up your copy of House of Talons at your local retailer today!

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