28 October 2014 | BattleLore: Command

The Battlefields of Terrinoth

Preview the Campaign and Skirmishes of BattleLore: Command


The Flesh Ripper Brutes roared and reared at the guard so he sliced at their bellies, blood spilling onto the ground as he killed two with one stroke. A third leapt onto his back, but before it could bite he stabbed the spearpoint of his poleaxe deep into the beast’s mouth. The others ran off in fear. He took a deep breath and looked around. Coming towards him was an ugly, gargantuan demon wielding a scythe as big as a man: Ravos the Ever-Hungry. The guard recognized Ravos and suddenly knew his own death was imminent, but killing Ravos meant saving his homeland, and so he had no choice.

Valiant warriors and vicious demons go to war in BattleLore: Command, an application for iOS, Android, and PC. Whether you command the Daqan army in combating the worst threat they have faced for centuries, or lead the ravenous demonic hordes of the Uthuk Y’llan into Terrinoth, BattleLore: Command offers you the chance to fight epic fantasy battles and wield arcane powers in a variety of tactically challenging missions.

Today we will look at some of the battles that await you in the app’s single-player campaign mode, and at the different scenarios you can choose to play in the skirmish mode, which pits your army against the computer’s or against the army of a friend on the same wireless network.

A Heroic Campaign

Baron Frederic looks you in the eye. “You can’t let Kell fall into enemy hands. I know that all you’ve got right now are a few units of young infantry and archers, most of whom have never seen battle before. But under your command, guided by your strategic insight, they can stop the Uthuk Y’llan invasion before advances any further." He paused. "Well, what are you waiting for? Muster your troops. Terrinoth is depending on you."

The war begins when the Uthuk Y’llan, who have long been gathering strength in the desert wastelands of the Ru Steppes, invade and occupy Hernfar Isle, a defensive outpost on Terrinoth’s northeastern border in the barony of Kell. As the commander of the Daqan army, your task is to expel them from the land and ensure that they never threaten your people again. In your quest to do so, you’ll encounter a variety of battlefields across Terrinoth, from castles and farms to thick forests and blasted, barricaded deserts. You'll have to win battles with only a few units of infantry and archers, strategically deploy flying Roc Warriors, and learn how to defeat demons that have three times the strength of a group of Rune Golems. You'll have to penetrate enemy lines, take defensive stands, and prevent entire villages from being burned.

In the beginning of the campaign both armies are still assembling their forces. As the Uthuk Y’llan occupy border settlements and slaughter livestock, you must both protect your people and go behind enemy lines to light the signal fires that will summon the Riverwatch Riders. Before the Roc Warriors will join your army, you must ensure that the mountains clans are safe and chase the Uthuk Y’llan out of the Rookery where the Roc Warriors are trained. In order to bring the Rune Golems to life, you must ransack the Uthuk Y’llan encampment for the stolen rune shards that will animate Terrinoth’s stone sentinels.

The Uthuk Y’llan are not the only threat to peace in Terrinoth. With the land’s military might focused on defending against the Uthuk invasion, groups of bandits have begun to raid farms and attack caravans. If you can defeat the bandit king, you may be able to convince the bandits to fight alongside your own Daqan forces. But as the campaign progress and your army grows, the Uthuk Y’llan also become more powerful. A powerful demon called Ravos the Ever-Hungry appears in Kell, who leads wandering bands of Uthuk Y’llan that destroy and consume everything in their path, leaving heaps of bones in their wake– all that remains of Ravos’ animal and human victims.

Since a commander cannot be on two battlefields at once, some stages of the campaign force you to make difficult choices: do you save the valuable herds that provide a living for the people of Kell, or do you prevent the ancient and powerful energy orbs at the Tomb of Pelius from falling into enemy hands? Do you rescue a group of unarmed villagers held captive by the Uthuk Y’llan, or do you attempt to free Baron Frederic, a powerful leader beloved by his people, before he is sacrificed on a demonic altar?

Once you have pushed the Uthuk Y’llan army out of Terrinoth you must still defeat them in their own territory. There in the barren expanses of the Ru Steppes you must encounter the blood priestess who masterminded the Uthuk Y’llan invasion, Malaana, whose psyche is so powerful that it could control Baron Frederic’s dreams from hundreds of miles away. Since Malaana takes supernatural strength from the blood rites she practices, it takes ten blows to kill her, which may prove difficult since her dark magic slays soldiers long before they can approach her. Her gargantuan black scorpion protects her, swinging its poisonous tail that can murder a human with one sting. Only slaying Malaana can you ensure that Terrinoth is free from the threat of an Uthuk Y’llan invasion.

Savage Skirmishes

Only few Rune Golems stood between them and the Daqan stronghold, but those could easily be eliminated. The Uthuk Y’llan archers exchanged smiles with bloodstained mouths and let their poisoned arrows fly. One found its target, and the Rune Golem burst apart with a brilliant blue glow, leaving behind only a lifeless pile of rubble and clay. The archers reached for more arrows and took aim again. “Now let us darken the skies.”

In the campaign mode, your army, its size, and the units available to you depend on your current mission. In the skirmish mode you can choose whether to play the Daqan army or the Uthuk Y’llan. It’s even possible to pit two armies of the same faction against each other. You can vary the gold limit to alter the size of your army, taking the field with a strike force of a few units or mustering a full army of multiple elite units with the infantry and archers to support them. As you progress in the campaign mode, moreover, you can unlock new units for your army. Once you've defeated them, you can even deploy Ravos the Ever-Hungry and  the blood priestess Malaana in your skirmish battles.

Five different scenarios offer a range of objectives and strategic challenges. In Deathmatch, you have ten rounds to destroy as many of your opponent’s units as possible. In Demolition, the attacker must invade a village and burn down at least four buildings to win. Cross the Line is another invasion scenario, in which the attacking army must fight their way across a river into enemy territory. Gather Power asks you to prevent the enemy from stealing your energy orbs as you send forces out to steal theirs. Similarly, Strongholds challenges you to simultaneously defend your own fortress and invade your opponent’s fortress, compelling you to fight on two fronts at opposite ends of the map.

Prepare for War

From sneaking through enemy lines to fighting until every last enemy is slain, from defending Baron Frederic’s keep to conquering your opponent’s stronghold, , the missions and scenarios of BattleLore: Command will test and develop the tactical skills of any commander. Are you ready to lead an army into battle against its greatest foe?

BattleLore: Command is coming soon to the App Store, Amazon Marketplace, and to Google Play.


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