3 December 2008

The Path of the Righteous Man

A Brotherhood strategy article that will shed some light on dark issues

by Erik Lind

I looked to Him for answers, and He responded.  Don't you see, we are in a time of great need!  He will cast us into the depths if we don't pass His test.  The demons are upon us, but we must remain strong.  Our time is nigh and we cannot waiver.  Quit your bingeing of petty things, these are only distractions from your ultimate purpose.  All of you have a place with us.  All of you have a place with Him.  Commit yourself to Him once more and let us cleanse this blight!-Brotherhood street evangelist   

As the Dark Legions continues their assault against humanity, the steadfast resistance of the Brotherhood is there to fire right back.  The self-ordained protector of the humans, the Brotherhood stands bold in the face of this fearful invasion.  And with the mystic Art pitted against the dreadful Dark Symmetry, the battles between the humans and demons turn blow for blow.  Vowing to never fall victim to ways of the Dark Legion, the Brotherhood will protect humanity at all costs.  So how does one effectively fulfill this promise when fighting for the Brotherhood?  Here are four quick, basic pointers.Mountains Out of Mole HillsThe soldiers for Brotherhood are small and elite troops which don't rely on their large size to get the job done.  Due to this consistency in size, deciding where to place a Brotherhood unit won't be as taxing as say, "How am I going to squeeze Golgotha through there?"  Having the freedom to lead your troops anywhere on the battlefield will open up many avenues of attack, keeping your enemy constantly on their toes.


Also, something to take note is not to be intimidated by other factions and their large units.  Just because you are vacant of double-based units doesn't mean your chances of winning are reduced.  These select few know how to hit hard and they aren't afraid to flex their muscle when a monstrous fighter lumbers their way.Oh Captain My CaptainBeing a faction that doesn't rely on its size, The Brotherhood must have an ace up their sleeve...right?  The lack of sizable miniatures is made up for when looking at the Brotherhood's command cards.  Breaking it down, the Brotherhood have 10 command cards (commandments?) in all.  Of these command cards, 2 of them have 3 command icons, 5 of them have 2 command icons and 3 have 1 command icon. Looking at it, half of all the command cards have a command cost of 2 icons.  And of the 13 fighters available in the Brotherhood army, 7 of them have 2 or more command icons, meaning that over half of the Brotherhood are experts in the mystic Arts and can exercise their abilities fluently to all those who would oppose their creed.  All this means is, use your command cards!  These cards are basically soldiers fighting for you.  And with over half of your squad having access to most of these cards, it would be foolish not to incorporate these tactics into your grand battle plan.  Relying on their mastery of the Art, these Brotherhood soldiers excel when flaunting their abilities. So flaunt well and flaunt often!Stay SpecialBesides the Mortificator Initiate, every single fighter that is part of the Brotherhood army has a special ability of some form.  Whether it's performing Crack Shot with the Mortificator Master or using the Cardinal's Blessing with the Fury Elite Bishop, each Brotherhood fighter has its own specialty that requires your attention.  So does this turn playing the Brotherhood into a game of Memory alone?  Yes, but with enough expertise with the faction, you'll be well versed in their abilities and this will not be an issue for you. These abilities are imperative to remember if you wish to fight effectively with the Brotherhood.  Many times have I seen a Brotherhood player forget some of their abilities which would have turned the tide of the battle greatly.  More often than not, these are game breakers which will either carry your holiness to victory or be crushed at the heel of your enemy.  Practice makes purity.Too Close for ComfortThe Brotherhood prefer being near the enemy before dealing the final blow rather than keeping their distance.  In all, the total count of red (light melee) dice is 19 for the entire Brotherhood faction.  That means on average, each fighter attacks with close to 2 red dice-1.7 to be exact.  The next closest attack type is the blue (heavy range) dice with only 4 total.  You can instantly see where this faction excels in combat when looking at these numbers.  Which then brings up the next point: make sure you move in for the kill. 


This melee driven crowd needs to be close to their enemy if they hope to incur any damage.  Rolling mostly light melee dice, the max range listed on this die is 4.  Knowing this, you'll have to get your Brotherhood soldiers up close in hopes of cleansing your opponent.  This will require cunning tactics on your behalf.  Simply keeping your guys in cover will not suffice as the enemy will widdle away at you, making your defeat slow and painful.  At the same time, you don't want to become too flighty with your troop's decisions as this could spell the downfall of the Brotherhood.  With the average soldier only having a little over 2 health, arrogance has no place in this elite group of soldiers.  Brash decisions need to be made and a well thought out plan-of-attack needs to be drawn up in your head before you set foot on the battlefield.  Remember that, and you'll be in good hands...His hands. DebriefingThis group of zealots is a precarious yet devastating bunch and they must be commanded efficiently if you wish to bring the rapture upon your enemy.  These fighters are probably the most demanding army to play and not because of their battlefield loadout, but because of all the abilities and directions you can take this army.  You will be put to the test as memorizing, re-organizing and strategizing your battle plan will be a hard road of trial and error.  But when you reach your perfect balance, your glorious victory will be the sweet retribution you utterly deserve.  May He bless you in your decisions and show you the way on the path to righteousness!   

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