League play for A Game of Thrones is gearing up for it’s first season! Signing up is quick and easy, simply fill out the sign up form (see the link in the "How do I sign up" section below) for your local game store. You will shortly receive an e-mail confirmation and instructions and how to purchase your league kit as well as for suggested guidelines on how to run the event.

The league is storyline based and will run for six weeks using the limited card format, which means players use cards from the Core Set (GOT36) along with two Chapter Packs determined by the league organizer, who will inform everyone in the league. You will be able to add another Chapter Pack at the beginning of week two and week four, again the league organizer will inform you of what chapter packs are eligible. We will tally all of the results we receive and apply them to the future design and development of the game, so make sure your voice is heard!

League play is a great way to create and build communities of A Game of Thrones players, increasing the chance of you having someone to play against and thus enjoy the game even more.

The storylines and game design implications for the first league are as follows:


The War of Five Kings stretches on, and Tywin Lannister has seized control of the realm. Some find this situation to their advantage, others would rather die than live in a land ruled by a Lannister. In the LCG, the future of A House of Thorns Tywin Lannister is at stake. If Tywin Lannister is deposed by these malcontents, the card will rotate into classic, and never be seen in the LCG format again. If Tywin Lannister survives this threat to his authority, this meta-shaking card will be reprinted in the next AGoT LCG expansion!

Do you kneel before Tywin Lannister?
Vote YEA! to reprint A House of Thorns (R10) Tywin Lannister!
Vote NAY! and A House of Thorns (R10) Tywin Lannister remains only in Legacy!

Click on the image to the left for a larger version.


The War of Five Kings is fought in plain sight, but the real future of Westeros will be determined behind the scenes. Amidst the chaos of war, the various peoples of the realm plot and scheme for power. Each group has approached you, seeking your support. In the LCG, a number of support cards for one of the five crests (WAR, NOBLE, HOLY, LEARNED, or SHADOWS) in the game have been slotted, but we are waiting on the results of the "Conspiracies Afoot" campaign to determine which crest will receive these cards.

Conspiracies are afoot! Which group will you support?

Vote LLR for The Lords and Ladies of the Realm (Noble Crest Support)
Vote WAR for the Warriors and Armies of the Land (War Crest Support)
Vote ROR for the Religious Orders of the Realm (Holy Crest Support)
Vote LEI for the Learned and Educated, in their Ivory Towers (Learned Crest Support)
Vote TPS for the People of Shadows (Shadow Crest Support)


In a time of hardship and strife, the people of Westeros need a legend for inspiration and hope. But what is a Legend without people to spread the tale? In your travels, you have heard rumors of four potential Legends, but there can be only one! In the LCG, there are 4 Legendary characters up for potential design in the next expansion set, your vote will help determine which character sees print!

Who Will be the Next Legend of the Realm?

Vote BALE for Balerion the Black
Vote LANC for Lann the Clever
Vote BRAN for Bran the Builder
Vote THEL for The Laughing Storm

Great House:
With all of these storylines to follow, it seems that new minstrels and bards are popping up everywhere you look. Singers and storytellers can be found throughout the Seven Kingdoms, always ready to entertain. But who's song will the singers sing, and which story will they tell?

In the LCG, only one House can fully capture the imagination of these singers, and reap the benefits of their glorious song. These benefits are reflected in a powerful new plot card, The Minstrel's Muse. Every time a player votes for one of the other challenges, a vote of the corresponding value is cast in this challenge.

Please use the first letter of the Houses' name to denote this.
B for Baratheon
L for Lannister
T for Targaryen
S for Stark
M for Martel
G for Greyjoy

For more details on the A Game of Thrones Storyline League , go to our Community Page .

Follow this link to get more information on Hedge Tournaments and Regional Championships

For stores that signed up early the league will start on January 7th, stores that sign up during the extended sign-up period the league will start on January 16th. After the six week period there will be a two week break before the next league begins. The storylines and the game design results that you are fighting for in the first league are listed at the end of this document and will also be included in the league kit.

The league kits for the first league costs $15*. The kit includes the following:

1x AGoT Playing Card Deck featuring the art of AGoT (for the winner)
8x Art Prints (participation prizes)
1x Story line poster of Westeros (to keep track of the store's weekly votes)

Future league kit prize packs will vary.
*an additional charge for shipping will be added to kits sent outside of the US


FAQs and How To Sign Up

Where is league play held?

League play is held at your Friendly Local Game Store and approval comes from Fantasy Flight Games when you sign up. To be sanctioned and receive league kits the store has to have signed up and be approved. The link for your store to sign up is provided in the "How do I sign up my store" section below.

What benefits does hosting A Game of Thrones League play provide Retailers?

Hosting A Game of Thrones league provides your players with a focal point where they know they can come and find opponents to enjoy the game with on a regular basis as well as the place to purchase more cards

Also by signing up for league play you will have a “storespace” on the Fantasy Flight Games website which you can add information about your store and advertise to the community.

What Benefits does league play offer players?

The new storyline league offered by Fantasy Flight Games offers an exciting play experience for players of every level. It ensures that games are accessible and enjoyable for newer or more casual players while offering more experienced players the chance to explore the card pool and new deck types and strategies, drawing from a limited card pool instead of their entire collection.

League play also offers a great way to meet other players interested in card gaming as well as George R.R. Martin's world of Westeros. By participating in the league you will have fun interacting with like-minded people who share you interest in the A Game of Thrones LCG and a stronger community will develop, making the game and the overall experience even more exciting.

How do I sign my store up?

You can sign up by going to our Organized Play website and creating an account for your store.  When you arrive at the website, you'll want to enter your information into the fields. 

Click on the "Signup" button to create an account.

After registering you'll want to apply as a Night's Watch under the Tournament Organizer Application.  Select AGoT Tournament Organizer Questionnaire from the drop down menu. 

You will then proceed to fill out all the question fields in as great detail as possible.  After submitting, your application will be pending for approval.  Once your AGoT application is approved, you'll want to read the news item regarding how to purchase a league kit in the AGoT Home section of the league website (Click on the A Game of Thrones icon - this icon will not appear if your application is not yet approved). 

After you've provided your store and purchasing information to our sales rep, you'll want to add venue, which will add your store of available places that are running the AGoT league.    

If you have any questions or feedback please contact Stephen Horvath , or Paul Bromen

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